The Ideal Understanding

The ideals I share within my life are ideals that represent the following: Ideals are made to be an ultimate object or aim of endavor, as they are goals within our personal reach. Through an ideal’s positive factor, they become a regarded model, basically an example for yourself and for others once you are able to share them. My ideals are merely equal, as there is no priority or hierarchy meant while I count them up. However, the final part will explain itself, and it will stand as basement for any other ideals as I see them as most important ones amongst the many.

My Idealism

Helpful and Obedient
As you are living in a modern world, you are usually limited through society. Law and order exists, and you are expected to obey these rules and codes of conduct. You are submissive to the command of authority, while you are able to offer your own self towards society. You are helpful, you are granting access to your own understanding - your helpful manners and obedient self will match each other in equality to ensure that obedience and helpfulness will not fight against each other or against any other of your ideals.

Courteous and Kind
Respect for and consideration of others is as important as being polite to everyone regardless of their age or position. Good manners make it easier for others to get along with yourself, and through this gentle behaviour you will gain an inner strenght and ability to interact with the many. To treat others as you want to be treated is the root of a potential future.

Cheerful and Friendly
Respect shall be shown towards others in two ways: As first, you must grand them your respect as you respect yourself, and as second, you must be able to respect them even higher than yourself if necessary. To act cheerful with a look for the bright side of things assists in the act of being friendly towards others. While respecting one, there is no excuse to respect another less without provocation.

Thrifty and Protective
Repaying my life through the ideals that I wish to preserve for myself is one way, while the help and assistence I can offer for others is another. Saving and protecting beings as much as conserving nature is a foundation of carefully saving time and property.

Brave and Courageous
To face danger although you are afraid is a duty on its own. Danger may be the result of your thoughts about people, society or structure, and you may be threatened for your opinion. To have this mental and moral strength to preserve these thoughts is a vital ideal for your survival in society.

Clean and Fair
For the mind, body and spirit it is a requirement to have an honest mind. To be free from idealistic failures, a moral corruption or sinister connections of any kind is an important ideal if you wish to act respectful towards another being. A fair judgement is achieved only in this way, as there is no excuse for misguided thoughts. The body and mind will be trained with fitness, as I choose the company of those who live by high or even higher standards.

Reverence and Respectful
Certainly, the majority of individuals has a basic set of believes settled around a religion. For religious matters, as where spirituality equals with religion, I have the honor or respect towards a belief even if it is not my own. I acknowledge positive religions, as it would be the sin of mind to be disrespectful towards the belief of another, while I reserve the right to expect the same ammount of respect for my ideals and believes.

True and Trustworthy
To tell the truth is imperative, it is a sign of honesty and acknowledgement to show that you can depend on somebody, i.e. trustworthy people keep promises. However, the truth must not be told always once you have to protect somebody from your knowledge to limit the chances of pain of this person.

Loyalty and Honor

Loyalty is what exactly?
If I see myself as a political man, its as if I’d face myself unswerving in allegiance. Take this as being faithful to one’s lawful sovereign or government. The same goes for military activity as much as politics, even if some people aren’t as loyal as they should - traitors exist everywhere.
But primarily, loyalty for the single human being in our society goes beyond political idealism. Instead, when speaking about loyalty, the individual of society considers this as a faithful act to a private person to whom its fidelity is due, or if focussed upon objectivity its a faithful act to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product.
As loyalty within political structures reflect the primary meanings of loyalty such as a devoted trust in whatever people can think of, the word loyalty requires other things too.
I could not be loyal without honor and my “Second Eye” view - which reveals the other opinions concerning my possible loyalty towards me. That should actually conclude that I am a very disloyal man - or not?

Where and how is my loyalty centered?
I think not that I’m a disloyal man -or I’d be an outsider of society- because I indeed have the honor and loyalty towards myself. This is very important, hence without it, there would be no other choice of loyalty at all. With this, I keep track of my ideals, my concepts, my principles, my visions and my opinions and judgement.
Coming as next is the most usual and open-hearted act of loyalty - to be loyal to your clanhouse - mostly known as family. My beloved ones and close friends are those that I wouldn’t dishonor unless they make the mistake to be considered for exclusion. But that happened only once so far.
The rest belongs to the loyalty concepts of politics. I am a politician and know how to keep my focus upon my party, my adversaries and government. And I am a supporter of various groups too. Here I am as loyal as you can imagine - and have no need to backstab or plot treachery.

Mistakes or Wanted?

Have you noticed that I am loyal to my adversaries? My enemies?

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” — Napoleon Bonaparte

It would be a mistake by me if I’d not trust them, not honor them as much as I honor me. If I’d see myself higher than them, I’d be more likely going to fail my own loyalty by loosing my position, my abilities, my interest, my devotion, my desperation, and my demand for law, order, righteousness and idealism. Loyalty indeed implies a firm resistance to any temptation to desert or betray - and if you’d betray your enemies… to who could you be loyal to in the end?

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