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The little Bush and the Sandpit

By reading this I wonder if my life did stop at one day, as I appeared to speak freely as if it was simply out of a childs mind. A few minutes ago I was searching through a few documents on my diskdrive and found something very amusing: Its a small tale written in December 2003 concerning the upcoming war of the USA vs. Iraq. That thing pushed the idea ahead for the presentation of the Sandpit Story. But please - BE WARNED. This is either considered to be some tough stuff if you’re a crazed patriot or just something to laugh about if you’re getting the joke. And if you’re a concerned US patriot, do not read it. I mean no harm, I mean no offense. But that’s how George W. Bush acted like - just stripped off from Rumsfeld’s and Powel’s former propaganda machinery…

The little Bush and the Sandpit
One day, the little Bush enjoyed to play in the yard. He knew that the sandpit was the perfect place for all kinds of fun, especially building sandcastles, sandtowers, and small sandtunnels in the sandpit. He was allowed to use his toys, cars, little soldiers and tanks in this sandpit.

As the years passed, he saw one day how his father found a really huge sandpit to play with so many soldiers and military toys, airplanes, tanks and jeeps. But this sandpit was too far away for the young Bush’s daily hour of sandpit-games. The little Bush suddenly thought: “I wanna be like mah daddy and have mah own huuuge sandpit, too.” As he asked his father to share the fun, he was rejected. The old Bush did not invite the little Bush to play in his new huge sandpit.

Saddened and terribly shocked that his father excluded him from the games, the little Bush went away from home to work on his plan to become as cool as his father was. But as the time and crisis in which his father faced the games of the sandpit finally came to an end, the little Bush suddenly found out that his father was replaced by another man. From this day on, the little Bush made it to be his secret hidden plan to take the sandpit - to obtain it for eternity!

He knew that his father’s sucessors had to leave one day, and as the country was in confusion wether to vote for a liar or a child, the people voted for the child and not the liar. An innocent child was not as harmful as a liar would be. But the people did not know that the innocent child only wanted to play with sandpits.

As soon as he saw the opportunity, he drew his many toys, his tanks, his soldiers - all of his forces to his sandpit. But it was another sandpit. Yes, it was a sandpit far to the east, as it was the sandpit of the evil crime lord Osama Bint Looten. It was a rocky sandpit, and the little Bush told his forces “Go now, take mah sandpit and drive ‘em off!”. They did what the little Bush ordered.

His forces did well in this struggle, and as the little Bush knew he had succeeded in the fight for one sandpit, he wanted to obtain his father’s sandpit, too. But after his amazing success with the first sandpit, he faced an opposition of his allies, his friends! He said to them “I wanna have mah sandpit! I wanna play!”, but his friends thought that he should not have another one. One was enough, one should serve well. The opponents of little Bush knew that the sandpit was owned by another evil man called Sad-Damn Hussar! But they did not believe the little Bush as he told them that the evil man is more than evil, but … really really evil and bad. As the little Bush had no success to convince his opposing friends to join him as before in the fight for the first sandpit, he told his forces: “This is daddy’s sandpit. I wanna have it too!”

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