Future Visionary

Several people express themselves through the past, presence and/or future in respect to their daily life and possibilities for a tomorrow. Certain cultures and individuals respect the past as a way on how to learn and to be educated in order to avoid mistakes and errors or to achieve a progress and advancement. Another group has no true bond to the past nor future as they strive for survival in our modern world without looking back at their past or consideration of the future. The third group is represented by those who are aware of the past (especially their own past), the actual and most present situation, yet prefer to create a future by stepping ahead of the commonly known sphere of existence into a state of art which enables them to see beyond the situation, to find a solution that is nearly impossible to be found by the others.

For myself, I have decided to build up three phases in order to create my own personal future planning. At the first step, I create my goals which are usually centered around the now and nearer then. However, these goals are not limiting myself in my actions and activity, but only to support and serve as a base for focus. Therefore, these goals may change as time progresses. The goals are tightly created, shortly knitted together and serve as the first set of steps towards the following phases, and there are plenty of goals within a human being’s life. A second phase is found within the motives for life with and within the current society. While the goals provide a foundation to create and maintain order, the motives give the essence to counter against the normalities of life. Within this phase, the progress broadens itself and allows an even wider focus towards the futurous plan. These motives either depend on the previously defined goals, but may even exist without relation or respondence of these since their role is more important and more creative than the original set of rules applied by the goals. All of these two phases lead to the final stage where goals and motives become visions. These visions serve as expectancy for my personal future. How I see myself and my role for society, the work done in the past and the reference to my personal satisfaction can be found here as well as my most monetary and fundamental thoughts concerning the progress and advancement of my life. All these phases may exist under several topics - i.e. societal, financial, emotional, educational, or sacret themes, and each of these individual strings serve as a root towards the overlaying vision of the future.

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  1. 1 Katharina Jan 7th, 2005 at 14:40

    By reading this article I figured already that you took my short blog as a “base” for it. I also know my goals but the way to achieve them is not always straight and easy.

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