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25. Januar 2005, 11:40 Uhr von Mike Schnoor in Zukunft, Web 2.0
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Another venture for Google - the Google Video Search (beta) enables the user to search the recent (US) TV channels. The company introduced the new tool this tuesday. Since December 2004 the software indexed the program of e.g. PBS, NBA, Fox News, and C-SPAN. As result, the user will be prompted with a screenshot and a small text passage from the moment in which the search-phrase has been mentioned. Apparently, real video will not be shown by Google but up to five screenshots, more text passages and program functions of the TV channels containing date and time stamps. Yahoo uses a similiar software which has been integrated as a tab into the US version of the Yahoo portal and search engine, however they search the web for video files instead of indexing TV channels.

Upon entering “blog”, I strumbled upon 51 results on Google Video.

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