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February 18th, 2005 12:35 by Mike Schnoor in Digital Future

Recently, I got an invitation to the G-Mail service by Mario Sixtus and created my account under the name sichelputzer gmail com. I hardly use the service because I only wanted to obtain an account at G-Mail. After waiting for about a year, I was generally satisfied to become a part of this invitation-only community. But apparently, G-Mail chose to invite the users waiting on their notification list on which I signed up in the past. I received my official invitation by G-Mail today… don’t they check by using a simple regular-expression-match operation if somebody has already been registered via user-to-user invitation? It’s quite amusing how the G-Mail service can annoy its users with spamming. I might register a second G-Mail account if this is possible… the purpose of the idea by using invitation-only methods has become voidable.

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4 Responses to “G-Mail²”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Hey Mike,

    I am a big time fan of GMail. Well, comparing to Yahoo!, less advertisement, and comparing to Hotmail, more space.

    And about the Invitation. There are something you might be interested to know (or better yet, you’ve probably known about it).

    1. You can send a GMail invitation to a GMail acount, so I guess that’s why you received your GMail invitiation twice.

    2. If you receive an invitation, and you don’t want a GMail account, you can forward that invitation to a friend who wants it. So which means it can be recycled.

    3. GMail supports one user with multipal GMail addresses. I have 2 myself, one for friends and family, and one for my freelance job.

    4. The more you use your GMail, the more chance you will be given the right to send out invitations to friends. I only used my GMail account for the last 6 months, and at first they only gave me like 3 invitiations to send out, and then 6, and then 10, and now 50…

    Just something off topic. I wonder if Blog Spirit support Trackback…


  2. Mike Schnoor Says:

    Dear Kevin,

    you’re quite correct - the service offered by G-Mail appears to be much faster due to the lack of multimedia advertisements. However the space is not the problem since I usually keep my desktop as primary space for all incoming and outcoming mails.

    1) No, I registered long ago with my original email address in the waiting list. Now I was invited a few days ago by Mario Sixtus, and suddenly the waiting list sent me an email to the same address that I may get a new account now… while I registered via the invitation of Mario already. G-Mail did not invite me twice. ;)

    2) Good to know. I already noticed there was a huge G-Mail “invitation-server” on which people were sending their invitations for anyone who’d like to become part of the G-Mail group. Unfortunately, I just found this server two days ago - heh!

    3) Gtk, too! I might use the G-Mail invitation to make a “professional” address at G-Mail. Probably in the same way as you described. ;)

    4) I already wondered why I was not allowed to invite people. I guess I have to use G-Mail more often, but on the other hand - I publicize by using the blog instead of writing emails… hmm!

    Trackbacks will be included in a few days - Philippe Pinault from Blogspirit announced they were about to launch a new version. I’m curious on the changes. You might want to look into the “Blogosphere” category here at my site - I usually contribute some ideas for this provider or general blabla about blogs to this category.

    Best regards & Ciao,
    Mike Schnoor

  3. Lanre Says:

    I need and invitation to g-mail pls. Thanks

  4. Koka Says:

    i still have many invitations. just write me an email: koka4{at}gmx{dot}de

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