Telagon Sichelputzer

The Daily Show on Bloggers

This is an absolutely humorous video of The Daily Show on Comedy Central - their topic was Bloggers. Even if the authors intended to make fun of the Bloggers, they brought up some interesting points concerning the made-up fight between bloggers and journalists. Among these jokes is one comment on most bloggers who are however responsible correspondents and are focussed on niche reporting fields. These niches are surely not included in the major daily newspapers or the local town newspapers, but still these bloggers are using the internet media to build their news network. The general problem of these “attack bloggers” is found in their behaviour and news posting: “They have no credibility. All they have is facts.” All the bloggers do is gathering, collating and publishing accurate information which is found in our daily life in respect to companies, the government, individuals, society, etc. - all of this is published to the genera public audience. (via Anke Gröner, via onegoodmovie)

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