Cracks for girliezine

A few days ago I was erased from the comments of the girliezine blog after commenting on the technique of with multiple correspondences of adding new articles and commenting in other blogs in the way as Kelly M. does. The whole situation has been renewed as Blogs! reports that Kelly M. is no teenager girl with a high interest in anti-racism/human-rights organisations and might be a fake author. The author at Blogs! indicates the writing style and language techniques used by the supposed-to-be 15 year old - especially if the young woman spends no time at school anymore but uses the University of Münster to comment and create their blog entries.

On the hompeage of the continously linked website www dot weisse-rose dot org, the authors state it is run by a “Fraktion der US im SP der WWU MS” = “Fraktion der Unabhängige Studis im Studentenparlament der Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster”. Very intruiging…

Sunday Update:
Well, the girliezine of Kelly M. is in fact a fakeblog written by someone named M. Becker? Eudemonia writes about the Forumtroll Kelly and about Becker’s sick nature.

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  1. 1 Amigo Feb 25th, 2005 at 22:35

    I think your right about save draft… i copied and pasted. Then i copied and pasted something else over that…

    Btw, i don’t get this entry… O_o

  2. 2 Mike Schnoor Feb 26th, 2005 at 10:20

    The cut-copy-paste problems happen. Its annoying to see the formular page to add new posts disappear as another program opens an url in exactly this browser, too.

    The entry - its about a “supposed to be 15 year old girl” who writes intensively in her blog all over the day (no school, no friends, no life) in a highly active political style. Certain people including myself believe it is fake - written by someone who did this before in 2001 already with the same technique to draw attention to his “organisation”… its so very intruiging ;)

  3. 3 DemonDeLuxe Feb 26th, 2005 at 23:40

    Being a “fake author” is one thing - and a relatively harmless one, kind of a roleplaying game, if you want to put it that way. The real problem is somewhere else: Magnus B., the guy behind Kelly’s cute face, is reknowned for having quite a lot of people tricked in supporting him and even received donations from a variety of institutions who fell for his pompous lies.

    Whereever he appears, his scheme stays the same: He presents himself as the paladin of all that is noble and reckless, meanwhile calling critics every name in the book and not being afraid of acting outright against the law. None of his real-life actions ever took place, none of those “organizations” really ever existed. His homepage, www dot weisse-rose dot com is filled with “comments” and “guestbook entries” made up by himself, with his favourite technique being assuming the name of an opponent and acting as stupidly, aggressively and pseudo-dangerously as possible and thus “justifiying” his claims of being threatened… as if he were such an important person who actually HAS enemies among the nazis, child abusers, satanists or whoever is his current chosen enemy.

    The opposite is true: People who side with him quite often come from the right wing, first among them Stefan J., former leading meber of the former FAP extremist party. And he himself did not appear in a very friendly light when the press realized that he was the only man and the leader of a so-called “young girls against nazism” youth group.

    Magnus B. does not care for anything but himself and thus compromizes the REAL beneficial projects. The guy is a fraud, and his cheating in online communities is the least harmful of his ticks.

  4. 4 feierabend Feb 27th, 2005 at 00:00

    I look at this homepage: www dot weise-rose dot com. I can´t belief this is only made be one person.
    DemonDeLuxe told us, Stefan Jahnel come from the rightwing. Of course he come. But he leaf this Neo-Nazi-Organisation and he wrote a book about them, called “Mythos Neonazi”. Thats good, isn´t it?
    DemonDeLuxe told us, none of his real-life actions ever took place. But this book can realy be orderd by I also look about this benefiz-eishockeygame. There are some Newspaper, also writing about ist.
    I think it´s that guy DemonDeLuxe, who told us a lot of nonsens. I think he´s a “fake author”.

  5. 5 DemonDeLuxe Feb 27th, 2005 at 12:28


    Firstly, i see you prefer to stay in anonymity - well, that’s your choice but it really doesn’t increase your credibility, does it?

    Secondly, Stefan J. loves to tell everybody and his grandmother that he has left the right extremist’s scene - strangely enough, he could be seen as one of the greatest supporters of the virtual political party “FUN” which was banned from Germany’s most famous politics community for a bunch of reasons, first and foremost because they had managed to be under supervision of the protection of the constitution agency (as a GAME party!) as an extremist organisation. Stefan J. himself was banned from the very same community just a couple of weeks ago. His book, more of a brochure, is printed on demand (a method some desperate authors use if they can’t find anyone who’s willing to pay or even print their works), and is falsely praised as being a “great success” and “read at many schools”, none of which is true. People who know him claim that his only reason to act “converted” and to publish this “book” was to get rid of the consequences of his past while at the same time sticking to his old ideals. This, however, is a rumor I’m not in the position to confirm.

    Thirdly and lastly, we have a couple hundred witnesses for the behaviour of Magnus B. over in our community, where he’s still a negative legend, partly because he insists on creating new accounts while under a life-long ban from the organizers, abusing them for disturbing the peace (last time with a one-shot account used only for spreading a phantastical lie about some sexual abuse… wich never happened, as I’m sure I can tell *g*). That guy is a fraud, a fake, an egomaniac with the only ambition being to further his own ends at the cost of other people.

    In case of doubt, Mr. feierabend, i can be reached via my account over at But I guess you know me well enough… Magnus.

  6. 6 Mike Schnoor Feb 27th, 2005 at 14:27

    Dear Feierabend, with all regards to the URL on which you have done your research, it is not the .com but the .org/.info domain. The major aspects are simply found in the way how Magnus B. creates his website - he violates the german Teledienstgesetz (§ 6 TDG) and Mediendienstestaatsvertrag (§ 10 Absatz 3 MDStV) by not publishing a true person (name, address) for the whole responsibility for whatever is written by the authors of the website (not commentators, etc.). Any lawyer could dun them for this violation.

    Dear DemonDeLuxe, I remembered the 2001 article quite well because I was highly shocked by these events a few years ago. Some of my family members apparently participated in some donations for this organisation. It made me very sick to hear that this creature is back again on the internet - fooling the usual reader again and again. The fact that the authorities are not doing anything to prevent this from happening is quite astonishing.

    And besides this, I’d like to see simply a recent photography of Kelly M. while she’s doing her dishes or resides on a party - all this “normal” stuff a 15 year old blogging girl would do.

    Best regards,
    Mike Schnoor

  7. 7 Erich Feb 28th, 2005 at 18:35

    What’s about DDLs (Dominique Toussaints) sick nature? ;o)
    He’s disturbing the peace much more than poor Magnus, you know.

    Es handelt sich zu 99 % um ein Fake, bei myblog leider Gottes nicht untersagt.

    Der Inhalt des Fakes ist leider Gottes nicht zu beanstanden. Gar zu penetrant aber die Schleichwerbung für

    Becker, Jahnel und Konsorten lachen sich leider Gottes ins Fäustchen, weil sie ob eures Beirags gewiss noch mehr Hits auf verzeichnen können. Becker hat seine PR auch bei uns in Münster bis zum Verrecken ausreizen können, weil ihm gar zu viel Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt wurde.

    Leider Gottes schwingen sich Gestalten wie Dominique Toussaint zu Hütern der Moral auf und verleihen dem Kampf gegen das Weisse Rose-Plagiat einen faden Beigeschmack. DemonDeLuxe ist wenigstens genauso fragwürdig, denn er hat auch nach Meinung von Becker-Jahnel-Gegnern wie NetReaper einen an der Klatsche. Natürlich ist er kein Pädo, nur hat er sich mit seiner Beziehung zu einer 20 Jahre jüngeren Frau dem Gespött auch wohlmeinender Zeitgenossen preisgegeben. Dhana, die ihn damals ausgehalten hat, als Toussaint pleite war, fragt mal nach DDL und moonchild oder nach DDLs Rolle beim Tod des ex-Dolers SherlockH!


  8. 8 Feierabend Mar 1st, 2005 at 00:33

    When you check out the Name “Magnus Becker” in the Internet, then you can read good and bad news about his organication. Difgficult to say what´s true.
    When you check out about “DemonDeLuxe” you find only something about an internet game.
    When you check out about “Stefan Jahnel” you can find: He belong to right-Wing-organications about 10 Years ago. There are no newer records. He work for some newspaper, He is playing football, He is inthe FDP (same the LibDems), he´s doing sozial work. (Only if it´s al the same person)
    Now you can decide, who you trust.

  9. 9 Mike Schnoor Mar 1st, 2005 at 10:15

    To everybody involved:
    This blog and its comment area will not become a place for discussing problems and events of the Dol2Day platform. Any further comment on this platform or the persons involved will result in an immediate deletition of the corresponding post.

    To Erich:
    I do believe fakes are quite acceptable in the world of internet anonymity. Without this ability to remain anonymous, there is no need to keep a blog at all. How can authors in other countries ever publish their thoughts if not under the nickname or handle of anonymity if they are being prosecuted by the government for their thoughts? However, the fact that the girliezine is a seriously most unpalatable fake stands.

    To Feierabend:
    It is not imperative what the role of DemonDeLuxe is in concern of the matter of fake blogs, and once you argue with his role in pseudo-pedophile circles, your argumentation is lacking. Concerning Stefan Jahnel or any “former” right-wing members, I do not trust them and would prosecute them personally.

    Mike Schnoor

  10. 10 Stefan Jahnel Mar 1st, 2005 at 11:30

    DemonDeLuxe behauptet hier ich hätte die rechtgeichtete Internetparty FUN unterstützt. Das ist eine grobe Lüge. Hiermit ergeht die Aufforderung an DemonDeLuxe dies innerhalb der nächsten 24 Stunden richtug zu stellen, ansonsten ergeht Anzeige wegen Verleumdung.
    Auch die sonstigen Angaben von DemonDeLuxe gehen oft meilenweit an der Wirklichkeit vorbeit. Allerdings habe ich keine Lust hier Verträge zwischen dem Verlag pro-literatur, dem Weisse-Rose-Jugendbündnis und mir zu erläutern.
    So viel: Der verlag hat ein eigenes Verlagsprogramm (indem auch Mythos Neonazi geführt wird)
    er arbeitet mit vereinen und verbänden zusammen für Kleinauflagen
    und er ermöglicht Autoren Books on Demand zu produzieren.

    Ganz nebenbei bemerkt. Das erfolgreichste Buch dieses Jahrzehnt “Harry Poter” wurde in seiner ersten Auflage auch on Demand gedruckt. Die Arroganz die hier DDL an den Tag legt ist schlichtweg typisch für ihn.

  11. 11 DemonDeLuxe Mar 3rd, 2005 at 10:55

    @S. Jahnel

    As you might have recognized, the 25 hours heve passed, and i have no intention on taking back a single word. I am looking forward to your attempts, really. I repeat that you continued to give support to rightwing extremists long after your official “conversion” from being a repeatedly convicted neonazi yourself. I respect the wish of the owner of this blog and won’t go into any detail here, since you know it all too well, anyway. ;O)

    But the real topic here is Magnus Becker’s continued attempts to gain supporters for his so-called beneficial projects, which consist of nothing but easily gathered link lists and faked comments. Invariably, these “comments” are either laudatios on his magnificent “work” or crude threats which are to show that he is such an important person that “dangerous neonazis and pedophiles” see him as a threat, none of which is true. Whenever Becker talked about REAL projects, he talked about either other people’s work or about future projections which never came true. His only “work” consists of uninformed talk and his feverish attempts to impress people with his crusade attitude have even gone so far as to make fun of those who he claims to protect: The victims of sexual crimes. I myself have witnessed this - and you, dear Mr. Jahnel, joined the dirty game.

  12. 12 DemonDeLuxe Aug 31st, 2005 at 01:37

    Update: A couple of hours ago, another pseudo-girl account was banned, this time at OPINIO (RP-online):

    The account’s name is “contraNPD”, it’s owner says she’s a 16-year-old girl from Münster. And until noon, she used Kelly’s old photograph (how stupid can you get)? After just one comment by me, the moderators told me they would check… and they did. After Becker confessed on the phone, the account was terminated. RIP, Kelly II.

  13. 13 Mike Aug 31st, 2005 at 01:49

    How to say on this old entry and just explain my opinion on that major Troll Becker: Hunt ‘em down on a swift search and destroy. Leave no remnants of the rebel scum like lambs to the slaughter. :P

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