Telagon Sichelputzer


The idea of Multi-User-Blogging (MUB) is absolutely useful to create a phenomenon similar to Blogspirit’s communities: Different people with usually different ideals and lives join under one banner to create content. Johnny Häuseler, the author of Spreeblick, launched his small experiment called Sprblck due to his temporary absence from the internet. His daily readers join forces at this MUB based on WordPress, and because of the open and free registration the potential of this platform reaches an interesting state. Fact is that the platform is sponsored by Johnny while anybody may contribute the content. But because of the significant idea to launch such an experiment in the Blogosphere, the questions of copyrights and any other claims concerning the content are solved within the discussions of the blog’s authors. However, the liability concerning the content usually resides on the side of the Admin-C due to German law, but the communities of the Blogosphere usually regulate themselves to invalidate any kind of misuse or abuse. I believe such kind of experiment would never be possible for any kind of newspaper or profit orientated company.

Kategorien: Blogkultur