Wild Angels with Charlie

This is fake, an absolutely typical method of plagiarism and copy-cat behaviour. One of Europe’s largest tv companies RTL Television plagiarises the well known and absolutely respected tv series and blockbuster movie “Charlies Angels” into their own germanized format. The show “Wilde Engel” features a female trio of special-agents: The glamour girl Rebecca, the technic freak Ida and the martial fighter Aiko. Not that the concept is stolen from the legendary tv series, even the modifications done for the Charlies Angels movie have been copied as much as possible. To top this most visible stupidity created by RTL Television, they published a small paragraph on their website:

“The new trio combines a fresh and young mix of action, crime and entertainment on the screen which is only usually known from cinematic movies. With quotes of Hollywood-Blockbusters like e.g. “Matrix”, “Kill Bill” or “Charlies Angels”.

RTL becomes rather famous for their simple copies of successful tv and movie formats. Already “Monk” (germanized copy named “Die unlösbaren Fälle des Herrn Sand”) and “Lost” (germanized into “Verschollen“) have been copied… now “Charlies Angels” has been media-raped. And why would anyone notice this? Because Katharina and I were loosely zapping the tv channels last evening. I believe the german tv media becomes a fraud itself without the former creativity and ideology…

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