Presentation Time

This weekend was quite a blast. Already on Friday and Saturday, Katharina and I were occupied with the Powerpoint presentation for the Spanish Language course. It was quite annoying to transform our written term paper for the purpose of the presentation, however we managed to hold our presentation just a few minutes ago this monday morning - esta listo!

For entertaining moments on Sunday, our Party-Propaganda Team met again: After fetching some information for the Regional Development Election Project course for preparation, we made some photos of our whole team (Torben, Kristin, Katharina and myself) before we started to write our structure and the first issues to our party’s political manifesto. We’re not finished yet, but we plan to get it done already this evening.

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Wer anderer Meinung ist, erreicht mich schnell über das Kontaktformular oder darf noch ein wenig weiter über alles lesen.

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