Have you found the MicroNazis yet?

Here’s my suggestion for this morning: If you own any original package of Microsoft software, please be kind enough to analyse the graphical layout and design of these packages. Do you find any kind of remaining nazi symbolics hidden within the design?

I wonder if these guys around Thomas Richter were rather delusional while writing their article on Microsoft’s possible implementation of nazi symbols in their entire product line. It’s been quite funny to read tho, but we all know that Microsoft is a very strange company, and they’re definately different from all of us in some sort. But even if they wear brown underwear beneath their already existing curtain of lies - that’d be a very voidable idea.

While these symbols are visible on their packages and posters, one can speculate as much about the rumor of the Iluminati’s influence while creating the US Dollar banknotes, or you might do it alike Olli did in their comments: It’s just a “We love the Nature” campaign with colorful images, branches, earth symbolics, etc.

But, let’s return to the original question - have you found your MicroNazi on any package cover or product poster yet? ;)

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