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Party Taken

This is it. It’s nearly 3.30 am and the opening-party for the new appartment of both Kat and mysef is over. This time, we were able to create, build and manage a full-working bar after installing the entire wooden thing to our appartment. I’m very satisfied and I’m surely going to enjoy thte future of the bar motivation. The whole thing looks so nice, and I wonder if we can’t maintain some business for BARs ….. it depends on the one who makes the cuts! ;)

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3 Kommentare

  1. Congrats. Am I invited at the Bar? I am only seven seas away from you ;-)

  2. Thanks! I guess you may come over here, but the distance is your problem… *L*

    It’s been a tough day, and I might publish some pictures of the construction phase while building the bar. It’s half-way done, just needs some front-cover etc… ;)

  3. Invitation taken. Thanks. And will look farward to see the bar when you post pics.