Criticism to the University of Flensburg

August 8th, 2005 17:45 by Katharina Schnitzer in Unicum Akademie

Unfortunatley I didn’t have much time to blog latley. But there is one thing I wanted to write about before I will leave for the States. As the heading already says I want to criticize the University which I’m attending: The University of Flensburg. First of all I figured that quite a lot of people (especially from my semester) were cribbing. I don’t welcome it out of different reasons. Not that it is only unfair in regard to other students, the point is also that those people want to become Manager and will be responsible for other people, for firms and for jobs. I wonder what they will do later when they i.e. will have to apply some basic skills which they never really learned. Do they want to say: “Oh just a sec, I need to crib before I know what to do”, or what? Furthermore in the fifth semester you got the chance to study at an university in a foreign country. Since the places there are limited only the 2 - 4 bests will get a place at their prefered university and others will have to step back. Also the scholarships are only for people with good results in the examen. But if students get their good marks by cribbing it is just unfair in regard to those student who really made efforts to learn. This cannot be the sense of examens.

The next thing which disturbs me is that we got in Desarollo Regional II our marks only for the term paper but our efforts during the semester haven’t been considered at all althought without us (especially my boyfriend Mike and our other friend Torben) she rarley could have hold her class. We almost were the only people who handled her our homework in which we had to do almost every week. And then we only got marked for our term paper with a grade which is in my opinion not justified the more so as it had been read by a native spanish - speaking person who said that this paper is written on a very high spanish level. We made a lot o reserch for this paper and I think the content itself turned out to be good as well. In the end we also could have written the term paper without attending this course and probably would have got the same marks.

And now we will come to my last point which disturbs me and a couple other students as well especially those who are not perfect in Spanish. I think that it cannot be possible that every student is measured at those student who speak pretty perfect Spanish just because they had spent some time in Spain or where ever. Other students are making efforts as well to learn Spanish but if their progresses are not awarded in a fair way the eventually stop to make efforts. As a Spanish teacher/lecturer you should be able to differentiate between those students and give fair marls to all of them.

I always thought I’m out of school but unfortunatley there are times at the University of Flensburg when I feel like I’m back in kindergarten…

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