Google Talk is out

The big secret these days of Google is out. I just downloaded Google Talk to see which features it actually got. I think I’ve even been the first user since it window pop up to say thank you to me for being the first user.

So I far I could see it didn’t got much features until now. Maybe I have to explore it more… but I probably will need other Google/Gmail users to figure out what Google has to offer me after all. I’m just wondering how they want to make money with it since this tool is still free. It’s not like the hardly need it but come on: it’s Google which seems to get richer with each day. Or am I wrong? Maybe they try to make it like with Skype and offer something which is close to SkypeOut/In. If Google reallly wants to make the world a favor they should figure out how to offer this service for although Skype is not very expensive in offering this service after all. Let’s see where this will lead to and if somebody still should need a Gmail account: leave a note with your email here ;-)

3 Kommentare zu “Google Talk is out”

  1. 1 shirazi 24. Aug 2005 um 06:30

    It is good. No, No, I am talking of your new design only.

  2. 2 shirazi 24. Aug 2005 um 08:38

    Google talk looks a little unesthatic. No?

    And now you have to add me.

  1. 1 Basic Thinking Blog » Google Talk da Pingback am 24. Aug 2005 um 11:35
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