This small Flash game has always been a cute gimmick for a long night. It’s old, but always a lovely entertainment for these hours in which you’ve got nothing else to do.

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3 Kommentare zu “Grow3”

  1. 1 Crude Clay 25. Aug 2005 um 00:41

    Ahem, IF one has nothing to do. Wanna trade places??? Hahaha

  2. 2 Mike 25. Aug 2005 um 00:48

    Actually not, but thanks for the offer. I’m kept busy in aiding Kat on evaluating some income statements. Since the companies involved are in separate countries, the regulations for publishing the income statements vary, and so the information within the reports varies, too… and now my head hurts and my eyes are burning. :(

  3. 3 Crude Clay 25. Aug 2005 um 02:02

    Ahhhh. I hate accouting. I noticed a lot of the Chinese had that problem on my course (90% of which)… Adjusting to the UK style. I’m been analysing how and why the statistics differ according to different cultural (international) samples that i’ve used in my thesis. Germany one of them too. And u might be interested to know that Germans percieve the quality of passenger cars designed in Italy as sucky. The parts quality produced in the UK as sucky. The brand image in France as sucky. BUT, they love their German cars! Hehehe. Same view for French and Italian peeps as well, the other way round. English peeps seem to be the only that like every country products. But thats prolly cos English DON’T have any good cars… Hahaha. Thats a serious head ache too.. I know how u feel. Anyway, sorry for long comment.. lol

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