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Announcement: Comment Policy

August 27th, 2005 13:14 by Mike Schnoor in Internals

This is aimed to those who honestly misbehave. Dear Trolls, you appear in the moderation list and just… don’t fit with all others out there. ;)

During the past, there’s been a few comments which did not fit the Telagon Sichelputzer for various reasons. These occasionally appearing comments were removed from the weblog, which includes the silent removal of detected just spammers, but real people, too. This new comment policy shall give you, dear reader, the ability to understand why your comment may not appear on the blog, and why your comment might be a candidate for manual removal. Violations of this comment policy will result in nothing else but a removal. Since the idea of the “common sense” does not meet the standards of every human being on this world, and since some people are truely stupid, it is time to publish the comment policy which is based on Jeremy Zawodny’s own policy. Update of this post may occurr from time to time as much as the rules change. Notifications of these changes do not happen. This comment policy is linked from the comment form to avoid any claims of ignorance or “I did not know that!” excuses. Continue to the full comment policy with all the dirty details.

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