Telagon Sichelputzer

Community Journalism: J-Learning

Many people still have no idea on what to do with the internet except browsing other people’s websites. The free to read service offered by enables the reader to do the same as everyone seems to do in the new millennium: Being present on the internet.

It is designed to help individuals, civic groups and school groups jumpstart their own community media projects. It offers basic training in Web site creation, HTML, page design and use of photos, audio, video, animation, surveys and databases. It also offers tips on advertising, fundraising and e-commerce to help sustain these community efforts.

Their tutorials easily instruct you to become a web publisher within a couple of hours. This is done by showing four main steps including many in-depth articles, seemingly obvious but hidden details - and a lot to read.

Sometimes you strumble upon this stuff on accident, but this time it happened just after exploring the so-far mentioned blogs on 100 blogs in 100 days campaign by Duncan Riley. Is it time to open your eyes and open yourself to the blogosphere? [via Solution Watch]

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