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Movie Takes in Flensburg

Since 9.30 p.m. some production company is recording their new tv-series called “Alles Kalle” in Flensburg. Its already 1.30 a.m. and they’re not finished yet, instead the whole street is engulfed with a dozent spotlights including a crane.

Click to enlarge the photos, and… I just hope they will be done soon. ;)

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2 Kommentare

  1. Woahhhhhhhhh - behold the wilderness of FLENSBURG!

    Btw. is there a special reason you keep your blog in English?

    Anyway, i wanted to inform you that your new layout has some problems when viewed using Firefox or Opera (Win) - the white background stops after, like, 1400 pixels or so vertically, making it quite hard to read. Using IE, it looks fine - although, quite frankly, I preferred the old layout. And why the star? Everybody has a star… a harsh contrast to your very original “Sichelputzer” nickname…?

  2. Yes, they’re still at it… it’s 2.40 a.m. already, and this appears to be an endless take down the street.

    But back to your questions. Actually I prefer to write in english rather than in German. Generally, I do this to train myself by actively practising the language, and on top of it, we’re going to reach a greater audience compared to concentrating on writing solely in German. Not that I hate German, but while Kat stays in California, the idea of adapting english to the blog is on the hand.

    Second, I guess the white background only stops at the specific post because I inserted HTML from that google adsense. I’ve gotta check that tomorrow, because it usually looks quite okay in firefox except that center/left alignment problem. Hey, I’ve gotta fix that … fortunately there’s a whole weekend! ;)