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Push and Pull: The Blog Herald

This is amazing. Not that I haven’t expected it, but we’re mentioned on today’s pick for the 100 blogs in 100 days campaign by the Blog Herald. I already love the discussion in the comments on the post, because the commenters were mostly striked by yesterday’s article about introducing a comment policy for the Telagon Sichelputzer. Usually, a comment policy is part of any major blog (just google along), and since Germanic law has some tight restrictions on provinding and maintaining a website (or blog) by applying the idea of “you must identify yourself”, the idea of informing your readers is much better than receiving a plaint from some commenter who has been removed or edited.

Now remember the discussion about the blogger who got sued because of the comments? Watch the discussion about this free-commenter idealism and you’ll notice that both sides have good points. But in the first set of comments, the comment-policy is an evilish concept, and in the others, the commenters cry for hunting down the real people who are responsible for their comments. Now where’s a solution for this paradoxon? So far, I have none. But a major thanks to Duncan for including us!

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  2. I am so exited to find Telagon Sichelputzer’s mention at the Herald :-)

  3. Nice one mate! Now, Mike a question for u… Is it me or is blogspirit been screwed since yesterday?

  4. @Shi
    I was as much excited. It drove a lot traffic here, but in the end, there weren’t many subscribers because it’s “the evil german” ;) ?

    I believe it was you and not Blogspirit… because I haven’t seen it acting up?! ;)I