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Google Pagerank: Down or Off

September 5th, 2005 09:02 by Mike Schnoor in Software

Perhaps its just me again, but I cannot determine the current Google PageRank for any website via their Toolbar service. Must be the morning and the lack of caffine, and my love-ramblings probably did the rest ;) And now after yesterday’s re-categorization, I don’t even know where to file this entry. For now, it’s in “Software”, but would “Alerts” be more useful and userfriendly?

Now its back alive. Am I too fast with these things? I should be more patient and at finally learn to wait five minutes for an internet service to get back online. But then, it is Google? I do believe they have reliable servers - unless the backbones in Germany had to deal with an intense load.

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One Response to “Google Pagerank: Down or Off”

  1. anonymuis Says:

    yeah it happens sometime, also when you use Firefox, google PR doesn’t always appear on a site :-S

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