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The Simple Life

September 13th, 2005 23:15 by Mike Schnoor in Relationship

Spending the evening all alone became a habit for me. My girlfriend Katharina left for her internship in San Francisco a few weeks ago, but fortunately, we’re going to count down the days until she returns. Only 18 days until I can hold her in my arms again, and only 18 days which mean to spend time sitting infront of the laptop in the living room and celebrating the brilliant combination of using candle lights with your digitalized hardware .

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4 Responses to “The Simple Life”

  1. anonymuis Says:

    now that i have nobody as i left everything bitter behind me i start enjoying my life all alone and realised that the world out there is so bright and nice :D

  2. Shirazi Says:

    What are 18 days between friends? Nothing ;-)

  3. Mike Schnoor Says:

    This is true, its not much time left to render your mind in deepest feelings! But it only gets problematic if either she or I have to leave for the night… :) I miss Kat sleeping next to me - she’s such a cuddly one! ;)

  4. 'ka Says:

    wow… she’ll be back soon!!!!

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