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September 24th, 2005 20:40 by Mike Schnoor in Ego-Mania, Design, Blogosphere

Today I received my invite by Anonymuis to become a! I was quite excited to test-try-and-error the newish system and created my new account named BeLoved. I plan to write on this account with a third person perspective, and aggregate thoughts which don’t really belong to the Telagon Sichelputzer at all. But as being a user on, I noticed a few things that keep upsetting me. Not in an angry way, but I’m missing functionality from this installation here. While the optical illusions of the new semi Web2.0 interface are quite handy for adding new posts and editing the old ones, there is no chance to install plugins or other themes such as a fully customized one.

On top of this, I made the following two feedbacks to the administration:

Redirect Problem
Upon using “”, it redirects me to “”… ;) Its no real problem for me, but perhaps for other people, since the redirected URL won’t let me sign up with my username.

User Management?
There seems to be no chance to add more users to my account on this multiple-user-based plattform. I mean - I cannot maintain the blog being accompanied by my beloved girlfriend, and my original thoughts about creating the BeLoved-Blog cannot be met anymore. Is there any chance of being able to add a sub-user to my account or is this one of my irresistable hopes and wishes?

I’m curious on their answers, and we’ll see what happens with my BeLoved account.

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