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Backup your VoIP Calls: HotRecorder

October 11th, 2005 20:21 by Mike Schnoor in Media Cast, Software

I heard about HotRecorder thanks to Robert’s post. Basically, you may record Skype and Google Talk conversations and save them to a file. Perhaps that’s an interesting add-on to create new PodCasts?

Certainly, the tool HotRecorder is able to do this, however they seemingly allow this only for users of the premium version:

Due to the great demand by HotRecorder users to convert the recorded .ELP
files to .wav or .ogg, we have recently released a beta version of the audio
converter for HotRecorder Premium.

So far, HotRecorder meets my expecations of being a program for backuping your important conversations - in case one needs to do that. However, due to the lack of openness from the company to people who simply cannot (or do not want to) afford $14.95 for the premium version, they’ll probably get some bad karma for skipping on us poor students! :(

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One Response to “Backup your VoIP Calls: HotRecorder”

  1. Ricky White Says:

    I think it’s a fair deal to pay 15 bucks for Hotrecorder’s premium version.
    If you cannot afford it, you’ll still be able to record you Skype calls (with the same good quality and reliability) and you’ll still be able to index and retrieve your calls in a very easy and useful way (using keywords).
    If you want to be able to podcast you’ll definitely need the premium version.
    Beware, the free version comes with supporting ads, but they are not popups, so one can leave with them.

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