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Best of the Blogs Awards

October 25th, 2005 08:06 by Mike Schnoor in Blogosphere

I’m honestly dissatisfied with the selection of the nominated blogs for the Best of the Blogs Awards. Especially for the category of German Journalistic Blogs, I sense a disturbance in the force. Jörg-Olaf at Medienrauschen asked the right question: What qualifies these blogs as being journalistic? To be honest: What the hell?! Where’s the journalistic sense gone to? Who made that selection - and is that the best of the germanspeaking blogosphere?
And even one of the nominees Anke Gröner wondered about at the whole on her own!

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One Response to “Best of the Blogs Awards”

  1. kho Says:

    Nun, wenn man seinen Blick ein wenig über den Tellerrand schweifen liesse, würde man sehen, dass deine Aussage “And even one of the nominees Anke Gröner wondered about the whole on her own!” so nicht ganz richtig ist…

    Einen schönen Tag, kho

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