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Cocktail: Green Swampwater

November 14th, 2005 23:38 by Mike Schnoor in Party Radar

This evening we’ve tried out the following deluxe content for our Cocktail glasses: The selfmade creation of a Green Swampwater.

Green Swampwater
4cl Peach Whiskey Liquor
4cl Absolut Rasperry Vodka
2cl Blue Curacao
2cl Triple Sec
2cl Cinzano Lime Vermouth
4cl Peach Juice
1cl Orange Juice

Served in a large highball glas, preferably a 0,4 litre Caipirinha glas - just on the rocks. The color should appear like greenish goo, which means a taste of green in a brown soup. It is delicious!

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2 Responses to “Cocktail: Green Swampwater”

  1. anonymuis Says:

    whiskey and vodca, aren’t those heavy? :-S

  2. Mike Schnoor Says:

    Yes, but… are you not tough enough? :P

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