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iTunes Setup

February 6th, 2006 19:31 by Mike Schnoor in Music, Software

What a jolly event! I’ve delved into the rich diversity provided by music players! From now on, I’m going to run the iTunes software package on my laptop. I figured I’d have to challenge Katharina in coordinating our nightly music session. In fact, I’m missing a few songs which I’ve loved and enjoyed to hear in the past - and her iPod needs some emergency updates sooner or later. There’s a ton of CDs to be updated…

At the moment, I’m all about to install the latest edition of Apple’s iPod supremacy software. So far, there’s been no trouble and everything was alright. Time to reboot and pray… :)

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One Response to “iTunes Setup”

  1. Katharina Schnitzer Says:

    Just don’t destroy everything on my sweet little baby ;)

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