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Spanisch Klausur

Warum habe ich gerade “Muffensausen”? Dieses flaue Gefühl, was einen vor einer Klausur plagt? Eigentlich sollte ich diese Klausur, die zum Erstsemestler-Kurs Spanisch 1 gehört, doch mit Bravour im 1er bis 2er Bereich meistern können?

  • Kenntnisse: Die Zeiten und die Grammatik habe ich gelernt und habe sie drauf, ich bin sie mehrmals (endlos) durchgegangen!
  • Wissen: Die Verben und gängigen Vokabeln habe ich verinnerlicht!
  • Wiederholung: Ich habe schon alle anderen Klausuren gut bestanden, also warum rege ich mich auf?
  • Neustart: Es ist die erste Klausur des Jahres für mich!
  • Desinteresse: Was interessiert es mich eigentlich mit Spanisch? Sprechen tut es eh niemand mehr, sobald wir Studierenden im Masterstudiengang sind!

Ich werde mir mal ein Sandwich schmieren und in den tollen Sandwichmaker aus den 90er Jahren stecken. Den Hunger zu besiegen besiegt vielleicht auch den inneren Schweinehund von Gewissen, das einen immer wieder vor einer Klausur plagen möchte.

Writing Block

Dear Blog Authors from all over the world,

most of the english speaking and german speaking blog authors seem to begin this month with an intensive ammount of posts. Within a day, several of my subscribed RSS and Atom feeds showed more than 10 new articles. What happened to you? Well I don’t know, but there must be something in your morning coffee that kept your mind being drilled to creep ideas and write them down.

I have to confess, there’s little time for me to participate in the “write your ass off” idealism which has occurred on some blogs. With the current situation of being busy, which means that I am busy, which resembles a state of art of being busy, which is nothing else but being occupied - well, I had little reason (if ever) to write anything about today’s hot topics on my own blog.

Nevertheless, I’ve found some very valuable content about my University of Flensburg which I shall not forget to mention in the next hours (tomorrow!), and some remarkable reports about our freshmen who participated in the “Integrationsproject” (a first term course with a business show, nominations for the best business plan and its presentations), some amazing facts about the recovery of the mind of a student in his fifth semester… and much more.

This shall be no yellow press, but organized warfare of the mind. Beware of the devil within my brain… but no fear, because I’m going to bed now!

Best wishes, best regards, and good luck. You will need it!
Written by “Me, myself and the tree!”

Grundregel des Tages

Bei Präsentationen, egal ob sie an der Universität oder im Business stattfinden, spricht bitte der Vortragende nicht mit der Powerpointpräsentation an der Projektionswand. Es ist 13:29 Uhr und der Kurs lacht, aber der Vortragende merkt es nicht. Man sollte dann auch wissen was man vorträgt, und auch bitte nicht die vorgegebene Zeit von 15 Minuten mal locker auf 25 Minuten ausdehnen. Sonst hört eh keiner zu… bei diesen Perlen der angehenden Management-Absolventen!

Nachtrag: Bitte kennt eure Präsentationen doch auch ein wenig vom Inhalt und Aufbau her. Mein Gott… Himmel hilf und wirf Hirn herunter!

I’d better write something…

… or I’ll end up endlessly bore. At the moment, I’m sitting in the Campus Suite (a coffee shop) and keep myself occupied by watching some news on tv or reading the same on the web. There’s been nothing special throughout the entire morning.

I woke up because I suffered from Kat’s daily routine of cleaning the kitchen. After cleaning myself, I moved out of the house to attend the Spanish Language course at 8.30 am. What disturbs me most is the rising boredom from deep within. I’ve completed all the tasks and nearly fell asleep. Alas! Let me do something functional. Give me an opportunity to compile things with my brain.

Probably I’ll simply have to wait for Business Economics to start… a course filled with pain and suffering. Can’t I get rid of all the noisy teeny girls who pretend to become serious managers? Does that mean to read yellow press and boulevard magazines during a lecture? I think not. Now off to the rat pack.

Besides all this blabla junk, I’ve finally updated our “About” page. See the photos, or read my short curriculum vitae (in german) if there’s nothing else to do.

Universal University Problem

Why do certain professors have a tendency to disqualify themselves while preparing a lesson at university? Because they appear too late, and do not have the remote control for the video projector to show the fancy powerpoint flipcharts? I think so - and just experienced this happening here at Flensburg’s University. Pain fills my brain upon contacting with the theories of Economics 3.

What will happen and what has happened already? Earlier this morning we’ve been able to use our car to get safely to our institute. If we’d have used the bus, we’d have been way too late to participate (there’s some rhyme here). Afterall, we’ll enjoy groceries once we survived the Business Economics 2 course - in order to withstand the motif of falling asleep. Sleep is the universal problem of being a student. Boredom the second. ;)

Update: Our professor just commented that we’ll be released from the course for today if the technical administrator won’t appear within 10 minutes. That’s a sad one… I thought we’d learn something new, but so far we’ll be having an oral repetition of the Heckscher-Ohlin theory. What a blast!

Sleepyhead Economists

This is misery. Our personal misery. We have to participate in the course “Economics 3 - International Economy” (VWL3). Katharina and myself are experiencing the sudden effects of intensive boredom within a less than 20% crowded classroom. This effect is worse than I have expected from the first day at University. I wish I’d have stayed in bed. This is a lecture how it’s been found in the books.

This is Nightmare on Campus 1. Why do we have to be beaten like that? With all due respect to our lecturer, but its either you as a factor or the entire topic that drives our isoquante-quotient ratios down to zero.

Unileben = Alltagsleben

Es geht los. Geweckt, Geduscht, Getrunken, Gegangen. Ab zum Bus nach einer Kuschelstunde im Bett. Heute steht VWL3 und BWL2 auf dem Plan… und die Müdigkeit nagt an den Knochen. Nebenbei muss ich überprüfen, ob eine Bewerbung über Weihnachten auch seinen Adressaten erreicht hat, den Vermieter wegen unseres mittlerweile gebrochenen Toiletten-Deckels kontaktieren (und selbiges im Praktikermarkt besorgen), und noch ein paar meiner neuesten CDs für den iPod digitalisieren…

Was für ein Montagmorgen toller Donnerstag es doch ist. Hoffentlich habe ich am Nachmittag ein wenig mehr Zeit, um eine Hausarbeit von Katharina zur Korrektur lesen zu können. Ich sehne mich nach akuter Beschäftigung durch potentielle Arbeitgeber ;)

Germanism made the Front Page

I haven’t noticed this for a while, but the last set of posts to the Telagon Sichelputzer weblog have been solely in German. Primarily, I chose to write more in German since the topics itself were covering some rather personal events from our partying life, some most localizing things concerning the germanspeaking blogosphere, and our student life at University. Especially, the content of these student-related entries won’t make any sense to somebody who does not even attend our University of Flensburg.

So far the last 11 posts were written in German. And I have to admit that most of my RSS Feed subscriptions haven’t revealed anything interesting which I’d like to cover too, and on top of this, most news magazines on the net dropped deep into the recess of the autumn season. There is nothing special, nothing amazing, nothing special going on.

The only things that keep my mind busy is indeed University and the sadness of German politics. But that, of course, won’t interest that many readers, and especially the burnout-syndrome of which we all are suffering while studying is quite common to everyone else who’s got to learn something.

Blogger Questionaire

Matthias Armborst created a questionaire plattform named Bloggerbefragung.de to support his current project for communication science at the University of Dortmund. The entire questionaire is aimed for German blog readers and authors.

Most of the worldwide (english speaking) blogosphere is already caught within various questionaires for research projects and final thesis. But the project of Matthias will definately aid in the process of estimating the German blogosphere, which has been already pulled down by some recent reports in the past.

What will come, what will be - so far, the German blogosphere seems to develop.

[via Meinungsmacherblog]

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