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Emotional Response

A human being is a complex creation. To gain a state of control and to handle and most importantly to reason its actions and reactions, each human being has developed its own spectra of emotions which are revealed every moment in their life.

An Emotional Response is the reaction of the body to a situation primarily given by an outer influence such as other individuals, groups, things or entities. But the Emotional Response is only one variant of this spectra of emotions. Emotional Responses consist out of two known procedures called “Grief” and “Stress Reaction”. In terms of psychology, an Emotional Response is not a psychiatric disorder or depression.

Definition: Grief is defined through a common, intense and painful reaction to loss, death of a loved one, family member or friend.

Symptoms: The symptoms generally occur immediately, or maybe one month after and up to one year from the time of loss: Numbness, Loneliness, Sadness, Guilt, Shock, Anxiety, Anger, Agitation, Crying, Insomnia, Restlessness, Withdrawal.

Treatment: People may talk about and share feelings with the person, and they must tolerate emotions. To allow enough time to pass this situation is important, and an occasional counseling will overcome this situation. Sometimes a symptomatic or brief use of medication is necessary, too.

Stress Reaction
Definition: A Stress Reaction is known as the “normal” reaction to a disaster, trauma or highly stressful life event.

Symptoms: The symptoms occur immediately after the event and may continue for a period of time, too: Disbelief and shock, Irritability and anger, Sadness, Feeling powerless, Feeling indecisive, Crying, Headaches or stomach problems, Difficulty sleeping.

Treatment: One must alleviate emotional distress, and be able to promote problem-solving techniques in order to help the person. When the individual gains comfortable feelings, it should continue to get back into “usual routine”. However, to seek counseling is helping, too.

Another form of an Emotional Response is a rather understandable method of reacting to an influence to the individual. For example, various colors evoke certain reactions in viewers. Nevertheless these reactions are culturally specific. Nearly in most western countries, brides often wear a white gown as a symbol for purity and widows wear black as a symbol of their sorrow and mourning. However brides wear black in many asian cultures. Colors seen as influence to the individual are leading to a response of the individual, which is known as Emotional Response. The individual who is experiencing the color will be in a moment of pertained emotion. It may be excitable or sensational in a personal defined degree as an emotional nature will lead to a reaction to the input given. The following list will give general examples for the most known colors:

Red - danger, stop, negative, excitement, hot
Dark Blue - stable, calming, trustworthy, mature
Light Blue - youthful, masculine, cool
Green - growth, positive, organic, go, comforting
White - pure, clean, honest
Black - serious, heavy, death
Gray - integrity, neutral, cool, mature
Brown - wholesome, organic, unpretentious
Yellow - emotional, positive, caution
Gold - conservative, stable, elegant
Orange - emotional, positive, organic
Purple - youthful, contemporary, royal
Pink - youthful, feminine, warm
Pastels - youthful, soft, feminine, sensitive
Metallic - elegant, lasting, wealthy

Even today, I lack to see a realistically drawn Emotional Response in movies, books or theatre as how it is described in detail through psychiatry. I beg to differ that any author of major scope has been able to represent the state of deepest “Grief” or “Stress Reaction” to a reader, except scientific reports or documentations concerning patients and their behavior under psychiatric and medical treatment. Nevertheless, an Emotional Response on the level of sudden input requiring a sudden output is seen in almost every movie or book. As an audience requires interesting stories, most authors prefer to include common behavior and expand this situation to fit the circumstances of an Emotional Response. A main character may react differently to the set situation as the audience would. The author will achieve the interesting moments which concerns with the audience’s own personal situation, while the audience itself is allowed to understand its own mistakes or the faults of the main character as a lecture to the individual.

As you can see, the understanding of an Emotional Response requires a definition of the terminology. To expand this in most details is fairly possible, but would completely out-leap the given task to compile a small summary. I do not believe the outcome of a situation is important, to where things could have been handled better as they have failed or been a failure itself. Compared to the result, the lecture drawn from the result is the most important key to understand. In my experience, there is no movie, book or anything else that is comparable to my personal expectations to an Emotional Response. The ways of “Grief” and “Stress Reaction” are too complex to manifest within a story, and the original input-output setting of an Emotional Response is fairly legit but usually done incomplete to grant me resolve.

In concern of my personal acting, an emotional response drawn by most individuals is not necessarily compatible to me. I have learned that emotions are functional. Emotions can range from a silence hymn to an outburst of rage. To cover these personal feelings, its Emotional Responses and emotions in general means to understand me, and react with more control than other beings may do in their life.
Most people cannot conduct nor want to understand this as I proclaim myself as an emotional soothed being while acting with others. As one has created an understanding my personal Code, the thin line will be created from “no emotion” to be full of emotions as the key towards emotional existence is peace. Peace itself is known to be a state of tranquility or quiet. This peace may be the result of freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions, and a state of harmony in personal relations. Why am I able to do this, act in this way, and be it? Because I choose to, and because I am. But even if there is a moment of achievement through this objective ability, I know that I do indeed fail. It is the way I choose.

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Real Peaceful Means

From my understanding of life, I have gathered my very personal key to unlock the peace that I wish to achieve through my doings and undoing, too. To find one who meets my expectations of being able to achieve “great things” through peace, I wish to explain briefly how I rate peace. To accomplish this, I will give an excerpt from some of my summarized work:

Peace itself is known to be a state of tranquility or quiet. The results are freedom from civil disturbance or a state of security or order within a community provided for by law or custom. Throughout this, peace concludes in a state or period of mutual concord between governments or a pact or agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity. But concerning a personal code, to be at peace means a state of concord or tranquility, peace may be the result of freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions, and a state of harmony in personal relations.

However, peace is sometimes a departing pleasure. These departing pleasures can be appearing nightmares. While important things die out, the unimportant ones will continue to exist. Is peace important for all?

Not for all, as you have seen in the struggle of the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso. The Dalai Lama is the head of state and spiritual leader of the Tibetan people. He was rewarded for his efforts through the international Nobel Peace Price. Persuaded by Chinese Forces, he went to exile in 1959. His efforts to bring about a peaceful solution to Sino-Tibetan conflict were thwarted by Beijing’s ruthless policy in Eastern Tibet, which ignited a popular uprising and resistance. This resistance movement spread to other parts of the country. Many years after, on October 9th 1991, he said the following: “I am extremely anxious that, in this explosive situation, violence may break out. I want to do what I can to prevent this…. My visit would be a new opportunity to promote understanding and create a basis for a negotiated solution.” Even if he is considered as one of the most well-known people of our modern civilization, the Dalai Lama is only a simple Buddhist monk. He is not only, but indeed follows the life of Buddhist monk. Living in a small cottage in Dharamsala, he rises at 4 am to meditate, pursues an ongoing schedule of administrative meetings, private audiences and religious teachings and ceremonies. He concludes each day with further prayer before retiring. In explaining his greatest sources of inspiration, he often cites a favorite verse, found in the writings of the renowned eighth century Buddhist saint Shantideva:

For as long as space endures
And for as long as living beings remain,
Until then may I too abide
To dispel the misery of the world.

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Me and my day

Before I will speak about examples on how a small glimpse of my daily life would appear to be, I want to clarify that I do not set my life within a schedule or its parameters. I certainly like to follow some order, but do not revise my daily habits or even life’s special events under such generalizing rule just to have a schedule that keeps myself a day, week or a month busy.

Instead, I live for the moment - I live for the now. But why and how can you do this in our modern world? Yes, we face the outburst of civilization all day. All of us who are here use already a part of this civilization - its digital revolution called “internet”. I do not want to emerge upon the internet itself and how it changes or affects people, but instead I will link this towards our daily life of course. So what happens with all of us?

Once you are born as a member of a society, you have to learn about it and do your best to understand the society. You grow up through an educational process while your body is being prepared naturally for breeding and reproduction. Then you will see through your intelligent mind that all of our world and certainly the society in which you live is being bend together as i.e. technology, ethics and politics or any other things merge together to create a huge apparatus that controls more or less our lives. We have to work to earn money, which we can spend on food, clothes or fuel to drive the car to our work, or buy a bike to cycle to the gym to keep our body in shape… and much more. But the key is that all things that are being bend are meant to be broken.

To abolish or defame our societies is not imperative to the subject of this escape from that reality in which we apparently see ourselves. Instead, the act of breaking a bend is not destructive, but a way of personal escape. As you break, you emerge from the situation and find your path in a new center if situation demands such act. I personally achieve a break as I allow my mind to be set free to think whatever its free will wants to think, while I subjugate still to society’s means. As I’d break apart from society, I would be left alone as an outcast, and an outcast has per nature’s rule no chance of survival - and still prefer to survive than running into the daggers of my own backstabbing.

That may explain why I allow to break out and escape in my mind. There I can live for the moment - as I can live for the now. On top of this, it is not a withdrawal from society but only an alternative path chosen by the individual. The moment itself grants me permission to think and use my free will in my mind, while we all know that the pure free will is revoked by any society that provides its members with laws and order.

This interlude shall be used as if you see through a lens while reading the following excerpt about my daily habits and my daily life. Me and my day at best:

House-Work: Once or twice in the week my time is consumed with this ravish exhaustion of my mind and body. Cleaning my home is important for me, as it will grant me a freshly renewed base to let my thoughts dwell on other things while I am here. It includes all kinds of work while I do certain things more often in a week such as doing the dishes of course. I have no hard feelings while vacuum cleaning, as I see it as a must. Same goes for cleaning the bathroom or kitchen, or any other part of my living center called home. Unfortunately, this kind of work is limited due to the amount of other work

Money-Work: Living without money is not a near possibility, I sometimes earn money through my skills and mind as a programmer and webdesigner. It is a must, as it will give me money - if ever. But I’d rather prefer to do something else than that, if money and status would not rule the world, I would rather prefer to work as a lecturer for Media-Culture.

Work in: Entertainment is a must for the mind. Through this, I read, I write - and yes, I am an artist. However, I have no difficulty to go out on a Saturday night to the clubs where I meet people, friends and new faces. Last year I went out five times a week, by now its only once or twice. Saves money, saves prestige, and it saves your health. Sometimes I walk with my dog once I take her off my parent’s house, I love to be outside in summertime and prefer to sit inside with lots of candles in the winter. All adds the welcomed spice to life - without it, its tasteless.

Resume: I do not get tired at my exhibits, instead I am eager to face the next phase of my future while I celebrate each moment of it. Anything else might be of no use to present it here as this can be summed up in two ways - twisted desire that fascinates for the moment vs. tedious habit that grew up from society’s expectations. And what would I do without this woman?

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Von Liebe und Partnerschaft

Heute ergänze ich ein wenig Sozialkritik zu meinem Sammelsurium des egomanischen Wissenschatzes. Ich war von einem Blogbeitrag der Seriellen Monogamie bei Aplo inspiriert. Achim stellt eine These auf, die unter modernen Aspekten nach der grundsätzlichen kulturellen Errungenschaft der Liebe schreit:

Gibt es nur noch die LebensABSCHNITTSgefährten oder darf noch an die große Liebe geglaubt werden?

Ich behaupte, dass Liebe als Momentaufnahme unserer Kultur nicht nur relativ ist, sondern in speziellen Fällen eine gewisse Gradwanderung des Daseins darstellt. Liebe ist durch ihre Einfachheit mit Hang zu einer unglaublichen Komplexität einfach einzigartig und unwiederbringbar, aber gleichzeitig unwiderruflich in ihrer Originalität und Ausdrucksweise. Eine Liebe läßt sich nicht durch eine andere ersetzen, da die persönliche Auffassung der Liebe den Eindruck von Liebe in jedem Menschen individualisiert in das Gedächtnis brennt. Wäre der Mensch so einfach ersetzbar, befänden wir uns nicht nur im Konjunktiv, sondern ebenfalls in “A Brave New World” bzw. anderen fiktionalen Utopia Welten.

Ist dem so, dass ein geliebter Partner nicht als Lebenspartner/Liebespartner, dafür aber kunstvoll und sozialkritisch korrekt als Lebens’Abschnitts’partner (LAP) bezeichnet wird, steht der Liebe in dieser Beziehung ein kraftvoller Einwand entgegen. Freimütig als Wink mit dem Zaunpfahl verstanden, ist genau dieser Zaunpfahl durch den Begriff des LAP bei allen teilnehmenden LAP-Beziehungskistlern rektal eingeführt, um die Beziehung der Partnerschaft zu verziehen und verzerren. Marilyn Monroe sagte einst “After you get what you want, you don’t want it.” Ein LAP verflüchtigt sich viel schneller als ein handelsüblicher Lebens- oder Liebespartner, da eine Portionierung des LAP für jeden Jäger und Sammler ein Lockruf zu neuem darstellt. Aber ist die Partnerschaft und Liebe vereinbar? Frei nach der Achterbahn der Partnerschaft von Pfarrer Harald Klöpper möchte ich den Begriff einer Partnerschaft klarstellen. Weitere thematische Aspekte zu anfänglichen Rauschgefühlen und dem Erreichen eines toten Punktes mit Trennungsfolge sind ebenfalls in interessanter Schreibweise in dem Artikel hinterlegt.

Eine Partnerschaft ist die Beziehung zwischen einzelnen Menschen oder organisierten Gruppen. Die beiden Voraussetzungen sind: Die Partner sind mündig; und sie sind verschieden. Ein wichtiges Ziel dabei ist, etwas zu tun oder zu erreichen, wozu ein Partner alleine nicht in der Lage wäre. Dabei sind die Partner gleichwertig, gleichberechtigt, auf einander angewiesen und fair zueinander.

Liebe ist kein kulturelles Ereignis zwischen zwei (oder mehreren?) Menschen, sondern das essentielle und besondere an einer Partnerschaft. Wie auch die Partnerschaft eine Kooperation voraussetzt, bedingt die Liebe in der Partnerschaft den Rauschzustand, der eine Liebespartnerschaft und das Verliebtsein so speziell für uns alle machen. Gebe es das eine ohne das andere, findet man keinen Halt weder in dem Rausch noch in dem Miteinander. Und wer von uns möchte eine Liebespartnerschaft nicht er-Leben?

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Future Visionary

Several people express themselves through the past, presence and/or future in respect to their daily life and possibilities for a tomorrow. Certain cultures and individuals respect the past as a way on how to learn and to be educated in order to avoid mistakes and errors or to achieve a progress and advancement. Another group has no true bond to the past nor future as they strive for survival in our modern world without looking back at their past or consideration of the future. The third group is represented by those who are aware of the past (especially their own past), the actual and most present situation, yet prefer to create a future by stepping ahead of the commonly known sphere of existence into a state of art which enables them to see beyond the situation, to find a solution that is nearly impossible to be found by the others.

For myself, I have decided to build up three phases in order to create my own personal future planning. At the first step, I create my goals which are usually centered around the now and nearer then. However, these goals are not limiting myself in my actions and activity, but only to support and serve as a base for focus. Therefore, these goals may change as time progresses. The goals are tightly created, shortly knitted together and serve as the first set of steps towards the following phases, and there are plenty of goals within a human being’s life. A second phase is found within the motives for life with and within the current society. While the goals provide a foundation to create and maintain order, the motives give the essence to counter against the normalities of life. Within this phase, the progress broadens itself and allows an even wider focus towards the futurous plan. These motives either depend on the previously defined goals, but may even exist without relation or respondence of these since their role is more important and more creative than the original set of rules applied by the goals. All of these two phases lead to the final stage where goals and motives become visions. These visions serve as expectancy for my personal future. How I see myself and my role for society, the work done in the past and the reference to my personal satisfaction can be found here as well as my most monetary and fundamental thoughts concerning the progress and advancement of my life. All these phases may exist under several topics - i.e. societal, financial, emotional, educational, or sacret themes, and each of these individual strings serve as a root towards the overlaying vision of the future.

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The Religion Behind Me

Religion in Chaos
Religion is a worship of the supernatural, seen as a pure commitment or devotion to faith or observance to a belief. Religion is being held as a system of beliefs by a community with ardor and faith coming from the individual towards its group and its community. As religion is relating the belief to manifest a faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality or deity, it renders the individual in a scrupulously and conscientiously faithful light. Mankind uses religion to find help and aid. Many religions are nothing else but a Book of Anger. The use of religion to explain science is mankind’s greatest ignorance and makes mankind to be the Weakness of Inferiors. If mankind is inferior to itself, a world without a creed is the Creation of Monsters. This is our Balance in Chaos.

The religious culture is understood as a pagan belief through the eyes of mankind. As myth, mystery and fiction are involved, the religious culture will find its main interest in most people’s eyes within the mystical sub-motif of the Force. It is understood as a kind a ‘mana’ that is ethically neutral. The use or abuse of the Force usually appears as magic for either good or evil causes, as these acts provide the people with the essential part of pagan believes to understand a brief scheme of the relicious culture. Those who wished to follow pagan beliefs and consort with the dead exist even in our world are seen as vicious species. Is a religious fight beneficial for society?

Religion as Personality
Religion means a devotion, it means a faith. The religions offered by society are a form of mass-marketing, and allow individuality to an extend while the individual belief must be compatible with the original thought. Religions are not my design once your belief is based on preset order. Instead, I follow a religion through which I can find to have openess and harmony within the whole spectre of my existence. I do not follow a religion, but I believe in a religion that I design to my personal needs. Do I need a God? If I do, I will have a God. Do I need to praise? If I do, I will praise. Will I praise to a God? Certainly, if it is affected through the preset religion. But as a religious being, to what will I praise? To the Force, to life, to eternity, to individuality… to existence?

Personality as a Religion
My study of religion and the ways of a belief have always been based on emotions, mentality and spirituality - among other things. Without these keys, an individual cannot not recreate a creed for itself.

The human eye can grasp a variety of colors in all possible shades of dark, light or neutral grayness. As the human can understand the differences between colors, it is able to determine a new cause of evolution for its own spirit, its own mind, its own individuality. Emotions affect a human as much, as they represent a full scale scheme of colors. The ways of a belief reflect such colorful scheme if the individual will only allow itself to understand, and trust, and share the ammount of faith which is required for a belief.

As the ideals of a human being are represented through its mental state. The ability to understand and share knowledge will unlock the path to the culture for the benefit of the individual’s existence. Mentality requires strength, and a strong, clear and aware mind will bind the individual to the culture and its community. Each of these steps is a very personal moment, and the individual will show faith… or show none.

Culture as a Religion
As the culture is based on fundamental believes, I am able to share them as far as I wish to accept them. But once the culture becomes a religion, I will not support it. To support a Religion requires faith, and it is imperative to share this ammount of faith to a religion, but not to a science fiction tale. Seen as whole, the philosophy, the belief and abilities you will find through the culture, you will gain faith once the culture will become independent from any relation to the science fiction universe. While this step has not been achieved yet, there is no way of seeing a culture as a religion. Attempts are shown in various ways, but the complete assignment where the way of being, which is a way of life, is revealed in conjunction with religion has to be done still. Until this work is not completed, the religion will be a Religion in Chaos.

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The Ideal Understanding

The ideals I share within my life are ideals that represent the following: Ideals are made to be an ultimate object or aim of endavor, as they are goals within our personal reach. Through an ideal’s positive factor, they become a regarded model, basically an example for yourself and for others once you are able to share them. My ideals are merely equal, as there is no priority or hierarchy meant while I count them up. However, the final part will explain itself, and it will stand as basement for any other ideals as I see them as most important ones amongst the many.

My Idealism

Helpful and Obedient
As you are living in a modern world, you are usually limited through society. Law and order exists, and you are expected to obey these rules and codes of conduct. You are submissive to the command of authority, while you are able to offer your own self towards society. You are helpful, you are granting access to your own understanding - your helpful manners and obedient self will match each other in equality to ensure that obedience and helpfulness will not fight against each other or against any other of your ideals.

Courteous and Kind
Respect for and consideration of others is as important as being polite to everyone regardless of their age or position. Good manners make it easier for others to get along with yourself, and through this gentle behaviour you will gain an inner strenght and ability to interact with the many. To treat others as you want to be treated is the root of a potential future.

Cheerful and Friendly
Respect shall be shown towards others in two ways: As first, you must grand them your respect as you respect yourself, and as second, you must be able to respect them even higher than yourself if necessary. To act cheerful with a look for the bright side of things assists in the act of being friendly towards others. While respecting one, there is no excuse to respect another less without provocation.

Thrifty and Protective
Repaying my life through the ideals that I wish to preserve for myself is one way, while the help and assistence I can offer for others is another. Saving and protecting beings as much as conserving nature is a foundation of carefully saving time and property.

Brave and Courageous
To face danger although you are afraid is a duty on its own. Danger may be the result of your thoughts about people, society or structure, and you may be threatened for your opinion. To have this mental and moral strength to preserve these thoughts is a vital ideal for your survival in society.

Clean and Fair
For the mind, body and spirit it is a requirement to have an honest mind. To be free from idealistic failures, a moral corruption or sinister connections of any kind is an important ideal if you wish to act respectful towards another being. A fair judgement is achieved only in this way, as there is no excuse for misguided thoughts. The body and mind will be trained with fitness, as I choose the company of those who live by high or even higher standards.

Reverence and Respectful
Certainly, the majority of individuals has a basic set of believes settled around a religion. For religious matters, as where spirituality equals with religion, I have the honor or respect towards a belief even if it is not my own. I acknowledge positive religions, as it would be the sin of mind to be disrespectful towards the belief of another, while I reserve the right to expect the same ammount of respect for my ideals and believes.

True and Trustworthy
To tell the truth is imperative, it is a sign of honesty and acknowledgement to show that you can depend on somebody, i.e. trustworthy people keep promises. However, the truth must not be told always once you have to protect somebody from your knowledge to limit the chances of pain of this person.

Loyalty and Honor

Loyalty is what exactly?
If I see myself as a political man, its as if I’d face myself unswerving in allegiance. Take this as being faithful to one’s lawful sovereign or government. The same goes for military activity as much as politics, even if some people aren’t as loyal as they should - traitors exist everywhere.
But primarily, loyalty for the single human being in our society goes beyond political idealism. Instead, when speaking about loyalty, the individual of society considers this as a faithful act to a private person to whom its fidelity is due, or if focussed upon objectivity its a faithful act to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product.
As loyalty within political structures reflect the primary meanings of loyalty such as a devoted trust in whatever people can think of, the word loyalty requires other things too.
I could not be loyal without honor and my “Second Eye” view - which reveals the other opinions concerning my possible loyalty towards me. That should actually conclude that I am a very disloyal man - or not?

Where and how is my loyalty centered?
I think not that I’m a disloyal man -or I’d be an outsider of society- because I indeed have the honor and loyalty towards myself. This is very important, hence without it, there would be no other choice of loyalty at all. With this, I keep track of my ideals, my concepts, my principles, my visions and my opinions and judgement.
Coming as next is the most usual and open-hearted act of loyalty - to be loyal to your clanhouse - mostly known as family. My beloved ones and close friends are those that I wouldn’t dishonor unless they make the mistake to be considered for exclusion. But that happened only once so far.
The rest belongs to the loyalty concepts of politics. I am a politician and know how to keep my focus upon my party, my adversaries and government. And I am a supporter of various groups too. Here I am as loyal as you can imagine - and have no need to backstab or plot treachery.

Mistakes or Wanted?

Have you noticed that I am loyal to my adversaries? My enemies?

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” — Napoleon Bonaparte

It would be a mistake by me if I’d not trust them, not honor them as much as I honor me. If I’d see myself higher than them, I’d be more likely going to fail my own loyalty by loosing my position, my abilities, my interest, my devotion, my desperation, and my demand for law, order, righteousness and idealism. Loyalty indeed implies a firm resistance to any temptation to desert or betray - and if you’d betray your enemies… to who could you be loyal to in the end?

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