Telagon Sichelputzer


Once nobody’s here we all face the endless rhythms of boredom pouncing in our minds like drops falling down into a large pot of water. When will the next party start off if nobody prefers to offer a location, and if ever, who’s going to join us to party all night long? I hope the semester holidays will find its end soon to restart lifeful activity compared to the overall similarities of our obnoxious existence. Even tho the days are wonderful, I begin to notice the evenings turn out to be a disaster - Kat and myself are quite entertained by ourselves, some books, the media and whatever else is caught by our eyes. But I believe we have no clue what to do next if we’re done with everything including all the amazing cuddling, snuggling, and sex. I believe we need to find some people (like those who prefer to spend their holidays at their parent’s place or somewhere else) and we ought to find some fantastic parties!!! Hmmm…

Kategorien: Familienleben