Telagon Sichelputzer

Storming off

Time to go! Is it time to go? Yes it is. Okay. Now move up! Sure. Will you? Yes. It’s late, we gotta go! Okay. - this can sound like a typical discussion once Kat is under pressure for leaving to university. Well, yes, I’m under pressure too but not that much. I better go because she gave me an evil look….

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3 Kommentare

  1. Kat:

    I have the feeling that you ‘ve been still dreaming while writing this blog. I just mentioned once this morning if you’re ready to take off…time to wake up ;-)

  2. It’s just been an example what I have to face each morning once there’s university or any kind of nifty meeting being scheduled. That you haven’t expressed your pushing arguments this morning is just an extraordinary moment - but you see, I’ve been influenced heavily by you… ;)

  3. Leo:

    I’de usually have to have that conversation with myself. Thank god no more classes… Only that damn dissertation. Which means… *Drum rolls* don’t have to wake up early morning anymore… Wuhooo! :D Shame, once i start work it’ll be 7am start everyday… Urghhh… I’m sooo not a morning person.