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George W. Bush in Mainz

Today is a day full of controversy: One of the worlds most hated human beings resides in the city of Mainz in Germany. The press covered this show stage for political correctness in several issues, and certain blog authors from within the area and outside like myself have begun to express their thoughts on the visit of George “Dabbleju” Bush. The magazine Der Spiegel expects a repetition of the events in 1987 as Ronald Reagan visited Germany, the FAZ considers partnership in freedom, and various other papers and magazines like Das Handelsblatt and Der Focus feature Bush intensively. Some excellent pictures can be found at Gerrit’s Weblog and flickr account. Nevertheless, MEX published an excerpt of the current prohibitions provided by the German government and police in the article Lex Bush based on Impfinity’s article on the full restriction of juristiction. This is a rough translation from the original article into english:

- Windows must be closed for the whole day and may not be tilted. Curtains and blinds may not be closed or shut, since a brownout is not allowed. A police commissioner commented that incautious movements near the windows might cause injuries.

- You may not hang things out of the windows, not even a white sheet or a peace flag. Apparently, Bush is scared off to see signs of desperation or be damped by a peace flag. Somehow.

- I had to provide information if I was going to stay in my appartment during the day or not. My passport data were added into a list to ensure clearance for entering/leaving my appartment.

- Somebody may only pay a visit if their passport data has been sent to the police of Mainz before their arrival (a period of time was not given).

- If I will leave my appartment, I will be accompanied by a police officer while returning from the barriers INTO my own appartment.

- If I want to return to my appartment while Bush remains at the Rheinstrasse/the Domplatz, I may not do so.

- Vehicles of any kind, bikes and autocycles may not be parked in garages, even if they are sealed.

This sounds alot like a mixture between police state and a war scenario, similiar to the way how Robert at MEX expresses his feelings. In order to keep the leaders satisfied, the human rights and personal freedom of the citizens are restricted, limited and sometimes taken off them. And because of what? Thanks to the leader of the “free world” and “democracy” George Dabbleju Bush. (Dabbleju = the simplified german of the english spoken letter ‘W’)

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