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How rude can somebody be and announce the “blogging! magazine” as a magazine about blogs and expect people to pay for it? I will not link this magazine as it would only increase its pagerank at Google. They plan to feature blog and blogosphere related news, information, reviews, commentary, interviews, tips, tricks, business, etc. But only those who have never heard of blog and blogosphere related information would benefit from this PDF magazine. Anybody who has some kind of interest into the blogosphere will be able to find all these things up-to-date on the internet and in the RSS feeds.

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  1. 1 Mike Schnoor 26. Feb 2005 um 00:00

    First of all, I’m not sure about the usefulness of technorati’s vote-against links as it is only a personal and subjective method of dismanteling one opinion with a statistical tool instead of counter acting to the opinion. Don’t get me wrong on this, but I rather choose not to link at all - instead of creating a “you smell like XYZ” link. I usually link to content I like or if I feel its worth to share, and if I dislike something, I hardly write about it — this is already a special case ;)

    Best regards,
    Mike Schnoor

  2. 2 Ellis 26. Feb 2005 um 16:00

    The nerve of them, wanting an entire dollar per issue.. It takes alot of links from PR1 sites to boost the rank of the target site btw.

  3. 3 Mike Schnoor 26. Feb 2005 um 16:46

    I was clicking through the whole website and found nothing of importance there which hasn’t been covered already a few times more in other blogs and newsmagazines. Hmm, I know it takes a few more sites to increase the PR - however I believe many other blogs took up the story - no need to link on my own (especially since I dislike the magazine).

    Best regards
    Mike Schnoor

  4. 4 Ellis 26. Feb 2005 um 19:50

    You are correct about the current lack of worthwile content, but then again the magazine doesn’t come out for 3 more days. If you dislike it you could always give it a “vote-against” link for technorati heh.

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