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The Weekend

I can’t wait for the weekend to begin! And now it’s about to be over again… currently I’m enrolled in listening to this song by Michael Gray. After I woke up a little bit too late, I had a fast and steady breakfast consisting out of a meshed egg on a roll and a nice cocoa. My girlfriend Katharina was already finished, so we cuddled a little bit more on my couch before we went out for a walk in the snowy park. It was beautiful to watch her infront of the city’s skyline. The park is on a hill and it is possible to locate nearly every corner of the city from the park’s viewpoints. Now its time for some excercises in Statistics 1 - I’d rather like to do something else than tearing my eyes apart due to the overload of formulars and and and and and.

Earlier we’ve been watching a new show on Pro Sieben called “Do Over”. Sometimes I wish I was young again to change my future, but then - what would I loose instead? Would I ever be as happy as I am now? I’d probably have never met this woman… so where’s the reason behind changing what you have now if you have reached a state of personal peace, enjoyment, love, fascination and inner strength?

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  1. Kat:

    We had a nice walk in the cold and I’m sure you’ll survive your Statistic test. And why would you want to change your future…you would probably make other mistakes…which might not lead to a better future…who knows. We sometimes have to take live as it comes and make the best out of it.

  2. Actually i wish that at times as well… But i agree with you, If it didn’t go the way it went, would you have learnt and experienced all the things you have today… Many peeps, including myself, i think don’t always realise what they have until we lose it… we take too many things for granted… So we never fully appreciate what we have… Theres no need to look for change, unless its really needed… My philosophy of fate, Walk towards what you think is right at the time - If it goes wrong… Doesn’t matter, at least we tried… Can’t expect anymore from ourselves… we are human after all!

    Oops, this is a complete new entry in itself… You dont mind do u =)