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As reported by Darren and Duncan, Lorelle explained several issues about the upcoming commercialized version of WordPress. This includes screenshots and a lot text. Basically, the new version offers a WYSIWYG editor for your posts, an upload for images up to 15 MB per file, it is based as a multi-user version of the original WordPress, and is aimed for those who cannot afford their own webserver yet. But the question is, do we really need that unless we’re unable to finance a small webserver with a database? I’m not sure… so far I can handle everything quite well with this opensource WordPress.

[via The Blog Herald, Problogger]

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  1. correct! That’s what I am thinking of this, now that I am having an own host and domain name I just feel okay to blog on my own host rather than begging them to get invited! I am just glad that i can blog, I am just glad that I finally can consider my new home (net home, a new web i meant to say) as my home. When I still blogged on blogsome i didn’t feel it’s my blog, didn’t feel home at all :D

    anyway, you have a nice new layout :) did you really make it appears on the left side or is it center on your browser? I’m currently using opera

  2. and yet have you seen a webloggers who, actually, are able to pay everything needed for their own hosts, a famous webloggers who get lots of traffic on their weblogs, are able to get invitation. It’s just because the developers know them, because they are famous and yet do they not think of other people who aren’t able to even get own host and domain names hehe…

  3. Exactly my point - why should I rely on them if I can use the “free” version still without facing the need of a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor and all the other fancy upgrades? I can do it all by myself with either clear HTML commands or using the FTP server or doing whatever I want according to the limitation of my rented serverspace. However, I thought it was a good idea to sign up at their place *G*

    The layout apparently is mixed for fitting the left AND the center, I guess its some CSS design glitch. But now we passed 3 a.m. already here, and that’s it for today. Scheduled for tomorrow ;)