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The X-Mas Plan

Just a notice for all the listening spirits: It is time for a change. This statement of course is quite sloppy, but after blogging for such a long time in separation, we have to move on. I’ve always considered of merging Katharina’s Blog and mine within a single database and under one banner and cover. This afternoon I’m about to start a few plans on doing this, however we’ll perhaps introduce a new subdomain for her content and mine, yet we’ll publicize the content in the major domus of the Telagon Sichelputzer.

Things do do:

  • Find a way how to merge the Wordpress database with Blogspirit’s content?
  • Create individual subdomains for individual content?
  • Reset the database or create an entirely new one?
  • Backup the database first!
  • Create multiple layouts for the individual blogs and a major design for the front cover?

In the end, I doubt we’ll be ready for a launch in the next days, but once we’re back home -after the holidays (both Christmas and New Year Celebrations)- it’s going to be the top priority on my list for things to do.

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  1. 'ka:

    just keep me update when the new site is up, k? :)

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