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September 26th, 2005 11:32 by Mike Schnoor in Party Radar, Blogosphere, Familie

For the past weeks, my girlfriend Katharina has stayed for her internship in San Francisco, CA. The internship ended as planned in last week, and now she and her buddy Rick -whom she knew from her time as au-pair in the states- have traveled for a the final week to Grand Canyon. It’s amazing there, but she moaned on Skype about not being able in the city this weekend. Well I can tell, there’s at least one thing she’d love to attend, and for me that’d be two things:

Event 1: The Loveparade
This party originated in Berlin in 1989 and became a major part of our capital city. However, the organizers were denied to hold the Loveparade in the city - and went off to other places. According to CNET, This beat-driven stampede of raving techno music made its first step to San Francisco last year. Since Kat told me already, she’s been participating in one of these parties in the past, that’d be probably her number one event for the weekend.

Event 2: Webzine
On that blogger convention, I’d have went straight to tried to get into talks with Matt for the fun of it! That’d be my second event, of which I doubt that Katharina would have enjoyed it as much. She’s such a nature driven woman that I sometimes wonder how she survived her internship in that box office ;) Nevertheless, I wonder why I haven’t found any other useful article about that Webzine event in my daily feeds.

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2 Responses to “San Francisco - This is KatContent”

  1. Shirazi

    Dropped in to tell you this: have a good day.

  2. Kat

    It probably would have been fun…but you cannot get everything at once.

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