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August 31st, 2005 23:17 by Mike Schnoor in External Posts

This is so retro. I created a new blog over at Blogger and don’t know what to do with it yet. It looks funny, and it caused me already a lot of annoyance, but I’ll stick with it. In order to keep track of everything, I’ll co-brand the Telagon Sichelputzer with my new Rendili service. I just noticed they don’t offer the option to enter a title. Weird…

Why choosing Blogger or Blogspot now?

I honestly don’t know. As regular user of my own Wordpress installation, I’ve become interested in other software tools. For now, I have begun using Blogger on the domain for myself. Originally I was trying to support Shirazi with the lack of trackback functionality on this service. I can’t tell if this account is worth more than just this test or another one, but I’m going to contribute this article to the original blog at the Telagon Sichelputzer to keep track of myself.

What to expect from Rendili?

No clue. Rendili is special for me. It’s been a joyful word of my younger days, and I’m keen on using it more and more.

That’s been the first entry of Rendili. Whew…

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