Telagon Sichelputzer
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The Show

September 4th, 2005

This main category is named The Show. This is not an ongoing striptease, but the area where two people have their thoughts about themselves and their life. This is truely an egoistic, paraneual and symbolic area. First of all, one major category about myself is considered to be the Ego-Mania - the title says it all. However, Party Radar covers the more or less recent reportings of what I do at night - if it’s worthy to be published online, and Philosophy covers some deeper thoughts and leaves them burried. One by now most important category is Relationship to summarize thoughts about love, life and the woman and her boytoy. Further, Travels includes anything that is about traveling this planet - true, there’s currently an intensive lack of content. As next, some temporary categories such as Abspecken, Media-Cast and Music Clash may exist there. The first category is solely written in German and explains my continuous withdrawal from food, fatness and unhealthyness, and the second one is about anything I do with video editing and publishing, while the last is a semi-existent category for Music. I can already expect a “Books” and “Movies” category there…



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