Telagon Sichelputzer
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The Sphere

September 4th, 2005

Here we come, here we go in The Sphere. This is about all kinds of techie buzz and our bloggish after-life. The Blogosphere is meant to be what the name already says as a place for the blog life, with the only exception of a special category for Live Blogging. The other categories like Design, Digital Future, Software, Technology and Web serve their purpose of reporting news. In the end, the whole Sphere seems to be news reporting. One of my favorites, Telavision must still develop: It is designed to cover my “pick of the week” (or day) if I preferably post about it. The Sammelsurium is a tragic category which is abused to publish anything like these quizzies, tests and online gadget formulars - where else does that junk fit? Last but not least the External Posts keep all postings of ourselves in other blogs - we don’t want to loose them, or do we?



Digital Future

External Posts

Live Blogging