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What’s up with 9/11?

September 11th, 2005 11:17 by Mike Schnoor in Politics

The trauma of the United States of America occurred four years ago. Within hours, the modern world was shocked as the USA was under attack. Terrorist captured four airplanes of which they maneuvered two into the World Trade Center’s twin towers, supposedly crashed near the White House and rammed the last plane into the open fields of the country as the passengers knew of their fate and rebelled. That was the past, and it is old news. Old news for the media, because they can rip apart those who suffer today.

Actually, there’s not much in the news. In fact, there’s little being said about 9/11. Four years after this dramatic incident which did not only make the Americans but the whole world suffer, only minor reports about commemorations make it to the major news websites. Did America forget?

Yes, because the country suffers from their own internal dangers. The destructions of the Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans tore the country apart. The politicians are in the moment of destroying their own illusive world. And they are scared of this even greater danger than the loss of a few thousands.

Who will care about those who definately did not vote for Bush? Will they receive the necessary treatment? How many are going to die as next? Dear George W. Bush, this is worse than your 9/11 trauma. This is your own fault by not considering your own genocide to your own country.

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2 Responses to “What’s up with 9/11?”

  1. Shirazi Says:

    Mike, Where are you? Things OK?

  2. Mike Schnoor Says:

    Yes I am ok. But my other computer on which I had Google Talk installed is somehow defunctional. I’m going to buy a new one in a few hours… and the Laptop will be free from Google Talk (I don’t plan to install it here) ;)

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