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DSDS - Comedy pur Round 3

November 23rd, 2005 21:34 by Katharina Schnitzer in Ego-Mania, Media-Zone, Live Blogging, Telavision

- Ein halber nackte Affe bei DSDS: “Du kannst gar nichts. Du bist der schlechteste den wir hier hatten. Das war’s” (Dieter Bohlen) ….und tschüß Cosimo. Nein, da ist er mit seinem Freund Fabio wieder…und die Körperschau geht weiter, nachdem Cosimos Hose gerissen ist, aber man hat erbarmen mit den ZUschauern!
- Au…”Father and son” von […]

Mike’s new favorite…

October 22nd, 2005 09:28 by Katharina Schnitzer in Media Cast, Telavision

…TV show is Puffy AmiYumi. I’ll see if he is goin to join the mailing list from there as well ;-) I wonder if he prefers the cartoon or the real girls Ami and Yumi which are actually pretty sucessful especially in the USA.

Community Journalism: J-Learning

August 27th, 2005 14:19 by Mike Schnoor in Marketing, Telavision

Many people still have no idea on what to do with the internet except browsing other people’s websites. The free to read service offered by enables the reader to do the same as everyone seems to do in the new millennium: Being present on the internet.
It is designed to help individuals, civic groups and […]


August 22nd, 2005 12:06 by Mike Schnoor in Blogosphere, Telavision

Perhaps every capital city needs their own blog even if its not maintained by the governmental officials: The Hauptstadt-Blog offers a daily view upon various topics which keep the Berliner busy. This group-blog offers an interesting personality like its competitor among Germany’s major cities (for Munich). It looks like some interesting magazine, and it […]