Lost Portemonnaie

Ok this morning had a full rat-pack for me. After managing to get up and spend the morning in a few relaxing minutes, I noticed that my purse didn’t reside on the small telephone desk! I raced to the pants I wore last evening and found nothing, the huge pile of clothes did not contain my portemonnaie - and I was searching the whole appartment for it. I knew I placed the purse back into my jeans last evening in the Extrablatt bar, but I wasn’t sure if it slipped out of the pocket or not. But of course, the whole search turned out nothing, and I called up the bar to hear they hadn’t found anything over the night, too. My stomache felt disgusting, and Kat and I walked back to the city in the hope to find the purse, managed to talk with an officer at the police station to decide whether to make an official complaint or wait until someone might return the purse… well, we had some coffee and I got back home frustrated enough to clear the whole mess in the bedroom just to find this stupid purse on the bottom of my wardrobe. It probably fell out of my pants as I was checking for my mobile phone before we got up to turn off an incoming SMS. Nice… I was absolutely happy! ;)


6th Mixed Tape

Mercedes Benz released a new version of their Mixed Tape - download it now. Its as nifty as the old one. Nevertheless there’s been some controversy in the Blogosphere concerning the company and their attempts to put some entertainment to the online community - sadly I don’t find the feed which had some input on this issue. Anyone else?

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Straight on the Nerve

I’m going to annoy her openly. And I’m loving it. Right after the celebrational event commonly named “Easter”, we made the choice to create an egg-salad from the remaining boiled eggs. The word “Ei” is the german word for “egg”, and I’m making weird sounds like a lunatic with “Eiiii…”. Now I’m turning “Bär” (for “Kuschelbär” as “bear” in a cuddling bear) with “Ei”, and she said I’m insane. Well I am, that’s why she’s loving me I guess. Why on earth should I end my psychotic bewildered existence and become a rational oppressive midget of society if my brain can’t stop?


Wordpress as Google Spammer

While reading the Mex Blog and Der Schockwellenreiter I strumbled upon an interesting tidbit concerning “Wordpress”. This open-source project is common knowledge for all blog hosters and users, especially for the users if they start their own independent blog on their private server. But what most of them don’t know is simple: Each “powered by Wordpress” found within the blogs increases the PageRank for the official Wordpress website at Google and any other search engine. Here’s an excerpt from the original article at Waxy.org:

The Problem. Wordpress is a very popular open-source blogging software package, with a great official website maintained by Matt Mullenweg, its founding developer. I discovered last week that since early February, he’s been quietly hosting at least 120,000 168,000 articles on their website. These articles are designed specifically to game the Google Adwords program, written by a third-party about high-cost advertising keywords like asbestos, mesothelioma, insurance, debt consolidation, diabetes, and mortgages. (Update: Google is actively removing every article from their results, but here’s a saved copy of the first page of results. You can still view about 25,000 results on Yahoo. Or try this search tool, which searches multiple Google datacenters.)

Furthermore, the author questions the idea of how to use and recieve earnings for the open-source projects / foundations. This is some quite interesting issue since “everybody” or “the community” is contributing their own input to the developers and registrars of these foundations to create these software programs.

Medien, Zukunft:

MGM vs. EFF&Grokster

MGM battles at the US Supreme Court against the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Grokster for a decision about the applicability of the Betamax concept in the 21st century. About 20 years ago, Sony won the case for the distribution of their VCRs as the question rose whether it was legal to record copyrighted material for your private use at home with a VCR or if it was a violation against common law.

Now the internet millionaire Mark Cuban announced he would give full financial support to the EFF and Grokster to avoid that smaller companies might have to battle for the rights to introduce new technological innovations to the market. Nice move!


More Technical Ideology

I recently noticed that the Blogspirit communities I’ve created in the past (Blogosphere, Student Life and Media-Zone) are getting filled with entries which might not find a focus in the community as the topic and thematic environment of the community differ greatly from the author’s contributions. To avoid this possible misconception of communities, I suggest to enable the creators of the community to add a small description for each community which will be listed on the main community page where all blogs are summarized, and on the page of the admin interface where you join a community. On the other hand, I know that communities are quite capable of developing itself into any possible direction. Perhaps I’m all alone with this idea…



Once nobody’s here we all face the endless rhythms of boredom pouncing in our minds like drops falling down into a large pot of water. When will the next party start off if nobody prefers to offer a location, and if ever, who’s going to join us to party all night long? I hope the semester holidays will find its end soon to restart lifeful activity compared to the overall similarities of our obnoxious existence. Even tho the days are wonderful, I begin to notice the evenings turn out to be a disaster - Kat and myself are quite entertained by ourselves, some books, the media and whatever else is caught by our eyes. But I believe we have no clue what to do next if we’re done with everything including all the amazing cuddling, snuggling, and sex. I believe we need to find some people (like those who prefer to spend their holidays at their parent’s place or somewhere else) and we ought to find some fantastic parties!!! Hmmm…


Sporty Bunny

Happy Easter again! Today’s the sunday for hunting the eggs. And yes, that’s been some entertainment so far. Now Kat’s been running outside for about half an hour while I remained inside instead of enjoying the foggy coldness. We had a delicious breakfast and some small chocolate presents, watched some TV or spent time blogging, faced the truthful problems of the speed of a modem dial-up account… well it’s a big piece of chocolate stuff by Kat’s mom! I hope we won’t get sick of it… maybe some more stuff later! ;)


Easter Eggs

Happy Easter to all of you! This is going to be a very long weekend, but being on the hunt for easter bunnies and easter eggs is a nice idea. Now only the weather has to support us! If not, I’ll be furious and run up the ceiling. Hmm… Kat and myself plan to have a few trips by bike and we might pay some more visits to my family. Nevertheless, I’ve been facing reality again since the holidays are going to be over soon. Things to clean up, things to worry about, lots of things that keep a man busy in life. I might prepare some things for the upcoming semester - only about one week left…



The idea of Multi-User-Blogging (MUB) is absolutely useful to create a phenomenon similar to Blogspirit’s communities: Different people with usually different ideals and lives join under one banner to create content. Johnny Häuseler, the author of Spreeblick, launched his small experiment called Sprblck due to his temporary absence from the internet. His daily readers join forces at this MUB based on WordPress, and because of the open and free registration the potential of this platform reaches an interesting state. Fact is that the platform is sponsored by Johnny while anybody may contribute the content. But because of the significant idea to launch such an experiment in the Blogosphere, the questions of copyrights and any other claims concerning the content are solved within the discussions of the blog’s authors. However, the liability concerning the content usually resides on the side of the Admin-C due to German law, but the communities of the Blogosphere usually regulate themselves to invalidate any kind of misuse or abuse. I believe such kind of experiment would never be possible for any kind of newspaper or profit orientated company.

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