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Doom Movie Trailer

August 25th, 2005 15:29 by Sichelputzer in Sammelsurium

While I’m not necessarily the fan of Mr. Dwayne Johnson, the new DOOM trailer has just been released. It looks somewhat old because of last year’s game, yet it has some amazingly interesting feature: We can see a movie adaptation of First-Person-Shooter acting. I believe this was never done in that intensity. Nevertheless, movie-game adaptations such as the latest one(Alien vs. Predator) are quite messy movies, and who knows if Doom will rock.

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One Response to “Doom Movie Trailer”

  1. Crude Clay Says:

    They making a movie of that??? =s Alien v Predator… I hate, i hate, i hate!!! Why? Cos the run-up to it and the hype and the trailer was so brilliant, and i was first in cue to buy a ticket (cos both original movies i love) and it turned out to be a bag of dog crap with strawberry treacle and a cherry on top! DAMN that director to hell! And bring back James Cameron!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh ;)

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