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Test: BadBehavior turned off

Earlier today I’ve had a small telephone chat with Robert and one of our topics was the increasing problem on how to fight off spam at best. With the term spam we’ve tied it down to both Comment-, Pingback- and Trackbackspam. WordPress usually defends itself against this nasty bunch by given the administrators the option to moderate their comments, but once the spam increases, the numbers of to-be-moderated spam can reach a few hundreds and thousands of database entries.

However, people have created some plug-ins to counter these spammers:

  • Spam Karma 2.0
    This plug-in is meant to stop all forms of automated Blog spam effortlessly, while remaining as unobtrusive as possible to regular commenters.
  • Bad Behavior 1.2.2
    Spambots are prevented from accessing your site by analyzing their actual HTTP requests and comparing them to profiles from known spambots including user-agent and referer analyses.

So far I’ve experienced the most positive protection from Bad Behavior, but while working with some website optimization tools yesterday, I noticed they were being blocked off from my site. On top of this, Robert expressed on the phone and in a recent article that other people are often turned down from bad behavior due to natural problems with user-agents or their referers. Instead of pulling hard restrictions on a blog by disallowing any form of communication (comments and trackbacks), I’d prefer to keep the idea of a social network alive. To accomplish this, the elements of interactivity have to remain intact. How else can I ask a question in my blog and get answers and with them some useful solutions?

Now I turned the plug-in off to see how much spam will pass to my moderation queue, and on top of this I will install Spam Karma tomorrow and attempt to compare these plugins. Nevertheless, the never-ending problem with Spammers is simple: They know what your defenses are and they are working to undermine them.

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3 Kommentare

  1. gute idee, mach mal. wenn’s was ist werde ich das wohl auch so machen. hat der sprachwechsel englisch - deutsch ein system?

  2. Bis heute gab es nichts, was mich gestört hatte. Nun habe ich eben mal wie auch Robert das Spam Karma 2 installiert, und es schaut blendend aus…

    Wegen Deutsch und Englisch hat es einen einfachen Grund: Ich schreibe gerne ein wenig “internationaler”, sofern es nicht ein Thema ist, was wirklich kein Außenstehender bzw. kein nicht deutschsprechender Leser versteht :P

  3. Any web-based tools that aren’t passing Bad Behaviour can be whitelisted, and the problem should also be reported to the people responsible for those tools, so they can fix them.