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Lost in the Blogosphere

Just after explaining why I had started blogging, Shirazi covered the other side - the Death of Blogs. And while looking at the mentioned examples, I had the same question in my brain: Why are people counting the number of newly created blogs like Technorati’ s Chiefmaster Sifry does? Aren’t those blogs which are lost, abandoned and closed more important to count in order to get the final number of blogs that exist - and not just those that matter? And on top of that, please let’s be real - what would these estimated numbers ever explain except the fact that people try to rely on themselves and (secretly) overthrown the classic media companies by being a new media phenomenon.

[via Light Within]

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3 Kommentare

  1. I wish every one in this din reads this assertion.

  2. well, all the webloggers have their own reasons why they blog so they also have their own reasons why they stop, right?

  3. That’s true, but the “companies” battle for power by sheer numbers. I believe it should be considered as much important to count the “abandoned/closed” blogs along those newly created ones.

    And furthermore, where’s the idea behind counting the new stuff - I can make a new blog each day if I’d like to - but without using them, it’s just another “empty” or “test entry” kind of blog… ;)