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First Review: Google Talk

August 24th, 2005 15:18 by Mike Schnoor in Software

Google Talk - easy to use, easy to install, no big problems with that software. The instant chat function appears to work quite natural in comparison with ICQ or Skype, and as seen in the chat with Shi it was easy to handle, too. Nice to have is the information about incoming mails at the gmail accounts.

But while having a first test for a voice-chat with Robert, the software had some difficulties. Both of us had in a high-ping connection. Since we live in Germany, the idea of having a stable connection is surely on the hand. There shouldn’t be any kind of disadvantage from time lags or similiar problems, which might happen while skyping with Katharina in California (what will she think of Google Talk?).

But Google Talk had an intensified lag which occurred every 3 minutes. Furthermore, in comparison with Skype, the quality of the voice is lower for Google Talk. Robert was not even sure if the data packages were encrypted or not, since the entire setting administration does not offer any clues about establishing a secure connection.

In the end, both Robert and myself believe (see Robert’s short review in German) that this voice chat software is lacking features and capability. The almost too simple interface will surely be used for upcoming expansions, and files, pictures, and many other gimmicks are meant to follow…

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