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As previously reported by John Battelle and Darren Rowse, Google not only announced but published their own Blog Search. The system which is of course a beta works in two different categories as you can separate between searching only blogs or all (rather independent) blogs.

It disturbs me greatly that they still list my old blog upon searching for my own name. And that even if it has the noindex parameters. This is absolutely idiotic, and I’d expect a lot more from Google instead of categorizing their old index. I cannot embed a robots.txt file on that server, and I’d rather prefer to keep the spiders to follow to this blog instead of disabling all of it.

After all, Duncan published a first review of the service, and my own overall experience from using Technorati and IceRocket tell me one thing: Google can’t keep up with their advantage yet. And I hope that none of these good services are going to be sold to Google. I believe that many users would jump off just for such move. ;) The index of Google Blog Search is too small, and the fact of ignoring my own personal preference of opting out with my old blog and still listing the outdated version just annoys me. Grrrrowwwgle Blog Search doesn’t make me happy at all!

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