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9 Days until Firefox 1.5 Beta

August 31st, 2005 12:17 by Sichelputzer in Software

The Developer Team of Firefox has re-scheduled their release list for the upcoming browser versions (including betas, RC1 and RC2 candidates).

The lockdown for “Firefox 1.5 Beta 1″ will occur at 11:59pm on Tuesday, Sept 6 in preparation for release on Thursday, Sept 8.

For myself, Firefox has become an essential to web browsing again. This happened basically because of the loss of confidence of Netscape, and I began using MS Internet Explorer again for another two years of time. By now, I’m regularly switching the browsers, and the more news and info I see about Firefox, the less I’m interested in the free-of-update MS IE. On another note, I guess I have my “tech days” here at the Telagon Sichelputzer. First the new Microsoft Keyboard, then Opera as a highlight, and now Firefox. What comes next? ;)

[via Golem | read more | digg story]

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