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The Blog Day 2005

August 31st, 2005 23:59 by Mike Schnoor in Blogosphere

Today is the first Blog Day, and so far I haven’t made a single step to participate. But now, even if my timezone told me it’s past midnight, I’m publishing some of my favorite reads which aren’t really designed for the mainstream.

  • Dr. Forbush Thinks:
    I like reading these thoughts as they offer me a different opinion on certain matters which are hardly accessible on the front.
  • Middle Manager’s Haven:
    If you’re ever going to become a middle manager, you’ve got to read it. The only problem is that the author suffers from the fear of being identified. He/she choose a nickname… yet very interesting and amusing to read, but unfortunately he/she is not a very regular blog author.
  • Indeskretion Ehrensache:
    The Handelsblatt journalist Thomas Knuewer offers a tight mix of German news and satisfies the popular demand. Quite well known for his writing style in the German blogosphere, yet more or less unknown to the whole world.
  • Fontblog:
    That’s where news and opinions out of the graphics department are being read and made. Its one of the better German corporate blogs I’m aggregating.
  • Agenturblog:
    One of the better semi-corporate blogs of one of Germany’s new media companies. The CEO himself set it up and is giving quite a good push there, and it’s always been in my feed reader software.

The entirety of my daily reads can be seen in the RSS List - download the OPML and enjoy importing them to your favorites. It must be around 180 or 200 different feeds… And if anybody wants to read more, feel free to search for this special even on Technorati with .

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4 Responses to “The Blog Day 2005”

  1. Shirazi Says:

    Nice finds, I am on my way there.

  2. 'ka Says:

    who 1st created blog day anyway?

  3. Mike Says:

    Have you seen the linked feed-list?

    As far as I know it was Nir Ofir as stated in the about-us section of the Blogday wiki. But I can guarantee you that the idea of merging forces together under one banner to promote something - it is as old as the trees, its a classic marketing strategy! ;)

  4. Lee Adama Says:

    Yo Mike! Thanks for linking up my blog! I do suffer from great fears of being identified publicly - the anonymity makes it easy for me to talk about my boss (current or former), office politics, and generally my personal POV without potential retribution. Until that day when I hit the lotto and win those millions, I’m going to have to keep my identity a secret.

    Also, I do try to update it at least once a week, but you know how it goes: 12+ hours at the office, add a sprinkle of traffic, and a heavy dose of family life = very little time in front of the computer :-)

    Thanks again!


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