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Expand the Blogstream

Its a small note, but one I’ve enjoyed reading this morning. All those who participate in the Weblog-phenomenon have perhaps understood that blogs are the alternative to the mainstream media. David Gibbons summarize his thoughts on why the blogstream beats the mainstream:

Mainstream media feeds up popular opinion - you learn nothing! The Blogstream randomly knocks ya sideways as you delve into the mind of the individual - jarring opinions make you think - by thinking you learn - give me the Blogstream!

If the definition per-se explains the term blogstream as a play on the term mainstream. But the authors of weblogs do not necessarily reference the overall beloved points of view created by the media. Instead they offer their own (sometimes most personal) alternative by presenting input coming from both professionals and hobbyists authors. With the blogstream as a network of news and information, it grows faster than the mainstream media. Can one set up a radio station within minutes? Are you allowed to send your broadcasting signal without interferring other signals? The mainstream media has regulated itself and is bound to a variety of laws, rules and of course their own corporate culture. Who wouldn’t want to keep all advertisers in line without flaming on one of their product - it’s the mainstream media. What can one do in the blogstream? You may investigate it deeper and strive for your personal expansion as a unique part among many others. As a Citizen Media journalist, you offer things which cannot be caught by the mainstream media, and by offering, you let others think and learn. And always remember, don’t just read the Stars of the blogosphere because they seem to be Dogs after a while - move on to the Cash Cows and Questionmarks, too.

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